How Do I Use Castor Oil for Eyelashes?

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Castor oil is a colorless vegetable oil believed to lengthen and thicken eyelashes. This oil works by hydrating and strengthening eyelashes, which makes them less prone to breakage. To use castor oil for eyelashes, apply the oil to the base of your clean eyelashes every night. In the morning, gently wash the oil from your lashes using water or a mild facial cleanser. When used nightly, castor oil should enhance your eyelashes within a few weeks.

To begin using castor oil on eyelashes, purchase an all-natural castor oil. Keep the oil in an easily accessible place next to your toiletries. This should help you remember to apply the oil before you go to bed at night. While you can use castor oil throughout the day, applying the oil at night will give it the greatest amount of time to saturate and begin growing eyelashes.

Before applying castor oil to your lashes, wash your face, paying careful attention to remove your eye makeup. Once your makeup has been removed, dip a clean mascara wand or Q-tipĀ® in castor oil. Tap any excess oil off the wand and apply the oil starting at the base of your lashes. While using castor oil for eyelashes, be careful not to get the oil in your eyes. If the oil does get in your eyes, immediately flush the area with water to avoid irritation.


The next step in using castor oil for eyelashes is removing the oil in the morning. As you are getting dressed for the day, gently wash the oil from your eyelashes using water or a makeup remover. To avoid losing eyelashes, do not scrub or pull on your lashes. If you forget to remove the oil, your makeup might not adhere to your skin and lashes. You can also use castor oil to make your eyelashes appear healthy and luminous if you decide not to wear eye makeup.

To realize the full benefits of castor oil and eyelash growth, it is important to give the oil enough time to improve the condition of your eyelashes. When using castor oil for eyelashes, it might be several weeks before you begin noticing results. To maintain your results, do not stop using castor oil once your lashes have begun looking fuller. Since eyelashes only have a life cycle of a few weeks, they will revert back to their original state if you decide to stop using castor oil. Continue applying castor oil nightly or several times a week in order to keep your eyelashes thick and long.


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Post 3

I don't know what kind of oil you guys have used or are using, but Palma Christi castor oil, which is the best out there--books have been written about its healing properties--can be put directly on your lashes, lids, and directly into the eyes. It is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial and has brought wonderful results to my skin and lashes.

Post 2

I have used castor oil on and off for many years, even back when I was a teen. It conditions my eyelashes and eyebrows, they look nourished and healthier. It does not however make them longer. I use it at nights then rinse in the morning. Surely, eyelashes look a bit fuller when I apply mascara after. It promotes healthy eyelashes and I would rather use this than some chemicals which have side effects. Same effect on eyebrows.

Post 1

Are you sure castor oil really makes your eyelashes longer and thicker? I bought the pure one from Wholefoods. I'm debating about trying it and I'm scared because some websites say it doesn't work at all, it makes your lashes worse, or is bad for the eyes. Please respond soon. I have hair pulling problems, and I want to look normal again. please also tell me if it works on almost bald eyebrows. Thank you so much.

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