How Do I Use Calamine Lotion on Pimples?

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You can use calamine lotion on pimples by simply dabbing a little onto the blemishes themselves, or by covering your face with a thin layer of it. If your skin is prone to dryness, you should probably use a spot treating method rather than an all-over mask. Check with a medical professional if you intend to use this method with other acne treatments because a severe over-drying of the face could occur.

Before applying calamine lotion, you should ensure that your face is clean and dry. Use a mild soap to wash your face thoroughly. You can find an all-natural soap at most health food stores, or you can use a mild foaming cleanser designed for sensitive skin. Make sure to choose a facial wash that will not clog pores. It is also a good idea to avoid using additional acne treatments unless you know how your skin will respond to lotion.

Once your face is totally clean and dry, you can apply the calamine lotion to the pimples directly or to your entire face. Use a cotton ball or swab to apply it. Start with a thin layer that barely covers the surface of your skin and then add more if you feel it's needed. Leave the lotion on your face overnight and then rinse it with cool water. Repeat this process as often as you need to.


Using calamine lotion on pimples is considered safe in most cases, but it can lead to intense drying of the face. If this occurs, lessen the amount you are using or skip a day or so between uses. If dryness persists, contact your dermatologist. You can also use a moisturizing cream, although you should make sure that it is oil-free and won't clog pores, which could lead to additional acne.

If you have never had your skin examined by a dermatologist, this would be a good first step before using calamine lotion or any other acne treatment. There are various causes of acne, so there is not one particular treatment that will work for everyone. Calamine lotion has been shown to spot treat existing pimples, but it is usually not effective at preventing acne for long periods. If your acne is severe and recurrent, speak with a trained medical professional to determine which acne treatments would work best for you. There are a wide range of medications and natural remedies that may work to get rid of acne.


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Post 5

My doctor prescribed me using calamine lotion and give me a medicine too that is doxycycline. I've been take it for two months and my acne is getting better. At first, it was terrible because everything will come out from skin. And now, my acne on face is getting better and just wait for a few months to treat it again. But now, my acne at back really worst. I try to continue to take the medicine and calamine lotion too. I used sulphur soap to wash my face every day. It does make your skin dry but I used anything that make my face not dry.

Post 4

A friend of mine in high school was prescribed to use a kind of facial lotion which included calamine when she had dry skin problems. Unfortunately, she turned out to be allergic, and her face got even worse; finding another solution fixed it, thankfully.

Everyone's skin is a little different, so we all need slightly different fixes for skin problems.

Post 3

@manykitties2 - My mom actually told me to use calamine lotion on my pimples, mostly because it is a really cheap alternative to acne cream, but it does work. I tend to break out whenever I get stressed and a little dab of calamine lotion left on overnight really does work.

I find that if your skin does dry out from it you can put a piece of cucumber over the dry spots and it does wonders. I find that my skin feels really refreshed afterward. Another trick is to put some aloe vera gel on your skin after. That stuff you use to soothe sunburns.

Post 2

Has anyone tried calamine lotion on their pimples? How did it fair in comparison to acne spot treatment like those that have benzoyl peroxide?

I have been struggling with adult acne the last few years and the blemishes are driving me crazy. It seems like no matter what I do they always come back, and the treatments I have tried so far just dry my skin out.

I don't mind if the calamine lotion dries my skin out, I just really want something that gets rid of spots fast. I can always use some lotion to add the moisture back to my skin.

Post 1

I could never use calamine lotion over a wide area of my face. I tried that once because I had several mosquito bites on my cheeks, and it dried the area out so much that it was red for days.

I do see how it could serve as a good treatment for one or two acne bumps. Anything that dries out the pimple would work. I have heard of taping potato to your face overnight to draw out the pus, and I have also heard of using toothpaste, which hardens when dry and has the same effect.

I think I will try calamine lotion on my next pimple. I don't break out nearly as much as I used to, but I do get an occasional bump.

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