How Do I Use Bergamot for Hair?

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If you find your hair is thin, dull, or breaks easily, bergamot oil may be a solution. When applied to hair, bergamot oil reportedly soaks into the scalp and strands. This stimulates the blood flow to the follicles around the roots and infuses into strands to give hair strength and shine. There are several ways to use bergamot for hair, including applying the oil directly to your hair. You may also add bergamot oil to your shampoo and conditioner, or use it as a protective oil when heat-styling your hair.

When you’re using bergamot for hair, you should consider why you want to use it. If you want to eliminate buildup and heal your scalp, for instance, adding the oil to your shampoo might be best. To do this, remove the cap from your shampoo and pour a spoonful or two of the oil into it. Gently stir the shampoo with a long spoon, a chopstick, or put the lid back on the bottle and shake it vigorously. This should distribute the bergamot oil evenly throughout the shampoo.

To use your new oil-infused shampoo, simply apply it as normal. Some of the oils should remain on your hair, even after rinsing. Regular application should improve an irritated scalp in about two weeks. If you want to ensure that you're reaping all the benefits of bergamot for hair, you may also add a spoonful or two of the oil to your conditioner. This applies to both rinse-out and leave-in products.

If you choose to add bergamot oil to your shampoo and conditioner, you’ll likely see very shiny, very thick locks in a month or so. Women with curly hair may benefit most from bergamot for hair because it is reported to help tame frizz, soften dry hair, and help loosen curls. This means those with frizzy, curly hair may develop loose, flowing locks when they use bergamot oil.

Another way to use bergamot for hair includes applying the oil directly to your hair. When using this technique, pour a little oil in your palms and rub it through damp hair, from roots to ends. Comb your hair out to distribute the oil evenly. This may be done every other day to prevent your hair from becoming greasy. When your hair dries, it should be shiny and smooth.

If you straighten or style your hair with heat, simply apply bergamot oil as above. The oil should create a barrier between your hair and the heat source. In fact, heating bergamot oil may help it fuse into your hair, giving the strands extreme shine and glow.

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Post 4

I have been using argan oil for a few months and that's the hair oil I recommend. I think the one from pro naturals is the best!

Post 3

My dad is using this on his scalp, on the balding areas and it's actually working. He showed me the new fuzz on those areas. Isn't that cool?

Post 2
@SarahGen-- I've only used bergamot hair in my shampoo and conditioner, but the amount you mentioned sounds good.

I usually use an entire bottle (15ml) of bergamot oil. I add half to my shampoo and the other half to my conditioner. I'm using it to prevent hair loss and to strengthen my hair and I think it's helping.

It smells great too. I don't think you'll have any problem putting it in your hair directly. You might want to start out with less and add more if you feel it's necessary. Using too much as a leave-in-conditioner might make your hair look oily and limp.

Post 1

Is anyone using this oil to protect their hair from heat? How much do you use? Does it work well?

I have some bergamot oil. I was thinking of using it as a hair mask, but I have long hair and I'm sure I would finish half of the bottle on one day. This oil is too expensive to use as a hair mask.

But I wouldn't mind using it as a conditioner and to protect my hair from styling tools. I'm thinking about using 5-10 drops for all of my hair. Does that sound good?

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