How Do I Use Beeswax for Hair?

Megan Shoop

Beeswax may be used on many different kinds of hair. Whether your hair is coarse and curly, fine and straight, thick, or just plain frizzy, the right kind of beeswax may help you wrangle your hair into a manageable style that shouldn’t fall flat during the day. There are two basic ways to use beeswax for hair. The first involves sectioning your hair to create dreadlocks and rubbing the wax over stylized tangles to keep the dreads in place. The second is to add beeswax to freshly-combed hair and then style it with heat to create a ‘do with staying power.

Beeswax is used in hair to repel dirt and grime.
Beeswax is used in hair to repel dirt and grime.

When you’re using beeswax for hair, it’s usually the last thing you add to your dreadlocks. The first step to creating dreadlocks is to use a comb to part your hair into 1 inch (about 2 cm) wide sections all over your head. Styling clips or small elastic bands usually work well to keep the sections separated while you work. The second step is to use the comb to tease each section of hair backward, working from the roots to the ends. The intention is to tangle the hair together as tightly as possible.

Beeswax is used to create dreadlocks.
Beeswax is used to create dreadlocks.

The last step to creating dreadlocks involves coating them in beeswax. Each dread requires a dab of wax about the size of a bean. You should gently rub the dollop of wax between your fingers to soften and warm it, then use your fingers to rub it evenly over the hair. The more you rub and work the wax into the dread, the more evenly and deeply it should distribute. Pressing the dread between your palms often helps make it even and neat from roots to ends.

Beeswax can add shine to hair.
Beeswax can add shine to hair.

Regular waxing in this way not only keeps the dreads together, it should help keep the hair soft and clean. Beeswax for hair usually repels dirt and grime, preventing white buildup on the scalp. It also typically keeps the hair soft and pleasantly shiny. A bean-sized dollop of wax and a little palm-rolling every other day should keep your hair healthy and soft. Dry, coarse hair may require more attention, while finer hair may require less.

Beeswax can be used to help hair styled with a curling iron hold its curls.
Beeswax can be used to help hair styled with a curling iron hold its curls.

Using beeswax for hair may also simply keep a style in place. Men and women with shorter hair often use it to create soft, stylishly messy looks. To do this, you must simply dig a coin-sized dollop of wax out of the pot and warm it gently between your palms. Rub a little of the wax onto your fingertips and gently pinch the roots of your hair. Pull up and away from your scalp, and your hair should stand relatively straight. After all of you hair is waxed, you can style it however you like.

If you have long locks, beeswax for hair may help curls hold their shape or keep hair straight and soft. In these cases, rub wax from roots to tips, just as someone with short hair would. This may take a little time if your hair is more than 6 inches (about 12 cm) long. Style your hair with a curling iron or flat iron on low heat. Stay away from steam, as it may cause the wax to puddle on your scalp, causing frizz and irritation. When you’re finished styling, your hair should look shiny, bouncy, and feel very soft.

Beeswax products do not always wash out of hair, making removal difficult for some users.
Beeswax products do not always wash out of hair, making removal difficult for some users.

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I use a small amount of beeswax for my hair too, but it still weighs my hair down and makes it feel heavy. I don't like that feeling. Is there a way to avoid this?


@tdavis-- Thanks for sharing. I will definitely try that tip next time.

I just started using beeswax to keep my hair straight after using a straightening iron. I have naturally curly hair that is chemically relaxed. I use a straightening iron to give it the perfect straight look, but it doesn't last long and the ends become wavy after a while. I started using beeswax after noticing that it's one of the ingredients in my regular hair wax. But pure beeswax works much better. It keeps my hair straight.

The only downside is getting the beeswax out of my hair during washing. Shampoo alone doesn't do a good job. I've been washing my hair with hair conditioner first and then shampooing it but I think olive oil is an even better idea. I'm going to try olive oil this week.


I use a tiny amount of beeswax to keep fly-aways in place. I have these short hairs around my hairline that don't stay in place even with hair gel or hairspray. Especially when I pull my hair back, my hairline looks messy.

My hair stylist gave me the tip of using beeswax to keep these hairs in place. I use a very tiny amount because too much looks like build-up. Using a small amount works perfectly and it keeps these hairs out of my way all day.


Here is a tip that I learned from my hairstylist.

You can remove beeswax from your hair by applying olive oil to your hair and then rinsing it with warm water before you wash it.

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