How Do I Use Argan Oil for Skin?

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The use of argan oil for skin health is a popular practice, as this oil appears to have many benefits. Made from the kernels of a tree found in Morocco, argan oil has been shown to be an excellent skin moisturizer. The consistent use of argan oil for skin care may reduce the appearance of stretch marks, scars, and other blemishes. This product is also believed to slow the aging process and may help to soothe and protect the skin following sun exposure. Troublesome conditions such as eczema or psoriasis may benefit from the use of argan oil for skin.

One of the primary uses of argan oil for skin care is as a natural moisturizer. If using the pure oil, only a small amount is necessary. Unlike many other types of moisturizers, this oil is safe to use all over the body, including the area around the eyes. Several commercial skin moisturizers contain argan oil if the pure form of the oil is not available. In addition to being an effective daily moisturizer, it is also useful to treat dry, chapped, or cracked skin.


Those who wish to reduce the appearances of skin blemishes such as scars or stretch marks may benefit from using argan oil for skin care. Due to the healing effects of this oil, some studies indicate that its frequent use may also help to prevent future blemishes from developing. Also thought to slow the aging process, argan oil may help to make wrinkles less noticeable.

Skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema often cause dry, itchy, inflamed patches to develop. In addition to providing necessary moisture to the skin, argan oil is a natural source of vitamin E, a nutrient renowned for its healing properties. By using argan oil for skin disorders such as these, the patient may experience less severe symptoms and may even have less frequent outbreaks. This oil is considered safe for people of all ages and is sometimes used as a soothing diaper rash ointment.

Argan oil may be helpful in treating mild to moderate cases of sunburn and is often used following sun exposure to prevent skin damage from occurring. The application of this oil helps to cool the skin and may prevent excessive peeling of the skin. It is important to use this product after exposure to the sun, as it should not be applied to the skin before or during sun exposure.


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Post 3

I use argan oil to prevent scars. I have a cat who loves to scratch while playing. Since I've started using argan oil, I no longer get scars. The vitamin E inside heals up cuts and scrapes super fast.

Post 2

@burcidi-- When you apply argan oil to your skin, you want to leave it on so that it can absorb well and hydrate your skin. Plus, this is a valuable and expensive oil, so you should get the most benefit out of it!

I don't apply argan oil all over my body because it's kind of sticky and it doesn't absorb completely. I only use it on areas that really need it. I have stretch marks from pregnancy so I use it all over my belly. I also apply it on extra-dry areas like my knees and elbows.

If you want to apply it all over your body, you can add some of the oil to your body moisturizer.

Post 1

I received a good sized bottle of organic argan oil as a gift. I already use it on my hair as a hair mask. I apply it evenly to my hair twice a week. I leave it in while I do house chores and then wash it off. It's great!

Since I have a lot more of the oil and my skin is quite dry right now because of the climate, I want to use it on my body too. Should I use it the same way I have been using it on my hair?

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