How Do I Use Argan Oil for Hair?

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Argan oil is a natural oil extracted from the native Moroccan Argan tree, and is considered particularly beneficial for use on hair. The many benefits of using argan oil for hair include increased health, shine, and manageability of your locks. Applications of argan oil are versatile, and accommodate a variety of lifestyles, hair types, and personal preferences. Some popular ways to use argan oil include lengthy deep-conditioning sessions, in-shower application, and topical use on dry hair.

Deep conditioning is one of the most frequently praised properties of argan oil because it is generally believed to help restore health and shine to dry or damaged hair. The best way to create a thorough, deep-conditioning treatment with argan oil is to first work some oil throughout your hair. Exactly how much oil you use will depend on the thickness, length, and texture of your hair; fine, short hair will need a much smaller amount than long, thick hair. The oil should coat, but not overly saturate, your hair so that it appears damp but is not dripping. Additionally, massaging oil into your scalp during this process can help ease dry or itchy skin.


From this point, there are a few additional options using argan oil for hair as a deep conditioning treatment. If you are short on time, you can braid your hair, pull it up, or wrap it in a warm, damp towel, leaving it alone for as long as you can. If you have more time, another option is to wrap your hair in a clean, dry towel and leave the treatment in overnight. Extra hours allow for the argan oil to absorb and nourish. If you decide to leave the oil overnight, it is important not to overlook covering your hair with a towel so the oil does not seep out onto pillows or sheets.

A less time-consuming option for using argan oil for hair is to apply it during your normal shower. After shampooing hair, simply work some oil through your hair the same way you would with your regular conditioner. Thick, curly, or coarse hair can benefit from applying argan oil to the whole head, while those with fine for thin hair should probably only apply from the middle of the length to the ends. Leave the oil in for a few minutes to absorb, and then rinse it out.

Finally, argan oil for hair can be a great styling and finishing product as well as a conditioner. Applying a small amount of oil to ends before heat styling can protect hair from drying out or becoming frizzy. Similarly, smoothing a small amount of argan oil onto hair after styling promotes a smooth, glossy, frizz-free finish. Topical applications are hydrating and healing as well as practical, but be sure not to use too much oil at the risk of looking limp or greasy.


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Post 10

The way I use argon oil is by adding about 20 drops to my pure virgin coconut oil and sweet almond oil mixture. I'll cover my hair with this and leave it on overnight and then shampoo my hair twice in the morning. I leave it in so long because the benefits totally outweigh the fact that I have to shampoo twice. It's not really that much trouble!

Post 9

Last time I went abroad my hair was so dry due to the sun as my hair has color on it. Will argon oil stop this problem and what is the best way to use it? Thank you.

Post 8

I personally recommend the argan oil hair treatment. It will restore the hair's natural elasticity, shine and balance!

Post 7

The best way to use argan oil is to apply it after a shower, and not to leave it in for more than three hours. If you leave it in for longer, your hair will be oily, thick and heavy, and the oil won't wash out.

Post 5

@alisha-- Argan oil is very moisturizing for hair but don't leave it in. The oil is very sticky and your hair will not have volume. Use a small amount and then wash it off. You can add some to your shampoo and conditioner if you want.

A little bit of argan oil goes a long way. I add just one or two teaspoons of it in my conditioner. It makes my hair super shiny. Argan oil is not called "liquid gold" and "oil of God" for no reason!

Post 4

@alisha-- You can use it as a leave in treatment, but use only a few drops and distribute it throughout towel-dried hair. You can brush through it to make sure it gets distributed.

I'm using an entire hair care series made with argan oil. I have the shampoo, the hair mask, and the leave-in treatment. I use the mask twice a week before I shower. I leave it in for at least half an hour. I use the leave in conditioner every time I wash my hair. I can use more of it because it's not pure argan oil. Argan oil is just an ingredient. When you use pure argan oil, you have to use less or it will make your hair oily and it will weigh it down.

I think argan oil is great though. My hair has never been softer!

Post 3

I bought a bottle of argan oil from the beauty store. The lady who worked there said to apply it to my hair after I towel dry and leave it in. Is this the best way to use argan oil? Won't it weigh my hair down?

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