How do I Use 5-HTP for Weight Loss?

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The key to losing weight is to consume fewer calories and to exercise more. For many people trying to lose weight, appetite control is the most difficult part of the weight loss process. While it may be easy to exercise, it can be difficult to control the urge to eat. One way to help with this is 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP), a precursor to serotonin, which regulates the body's hunger and mood.

This makes it possible to use 5-HTP for weight loss and for dealing with depression. It is effective in controlling the user's appetite and can also elevate the user's mood. The combined sense of well being and appetite suppression makes 5-HTP a useful tool for weight loss.

A typical user taking 5-HTP for weight loss should consume 100 milligrams a day. This is enough to suppress the user's appetite and to elevate the user's mood, but not enough to cause side effects. The supplement 5-HTP is generally considered safe, but taking too much would cause the body to have too much serotonin, which could cause health problems. A dose above 100 milligrams a day will not yield any more benefits than a dose of 100 milligrams a day, so there is really no reason to take more than 100 milligrams per day.


While taking 5-HTP for weight loss will certainly help you to lose more weight, it is not a miracle drug and you will not lose weight unless you know what you are doing. As long as you are consuming fewer calories than you use throughout the day, you will lose weight. This means you could theoretically lose weight without exercising as long as you consume fewer calories, but it is generally more effective and healthier to eat slightly more calories and exercise daily. You should find your base metabolic rate, which is the amount of calories that your body consumes per day, and subtract about 500 calories from that to find the amount of calories you should eat each day.

Now that you know how to use 5-HTP for weight loss, you can begin your diet and exercise routine. You should aim for a 500-calorie deficit, which should be fairly easy to do considering that 5-HTP suppresses your appetite. Try to consume natural foods and avoid processed foods.

It is also important to get an adequate amount of protein while dieting to maintain your muscle mass. You should aim for an hour of cardiovascular exercise, such as running or biking, daily. If you follow these steps, you should be able to lose weight.


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Post 3

I've noticed that there are two types of 5-HTP pills on the market. One contains just 5-HTP and one contains 5-HTP and other herbs and chemicals like dopamine, St. John's Wort and so forth.

Which is better?

Post 2

My dad is on 5-HTP and he lost five pounds in three weeks. He takes 2 50mg tablets daily, one in the morning and one in the evening. He was already eating relatively healthy but had a big appetite. He's been trying to lose weight for the last couple of years. He has diabetes too and his doctor has been warning him about his weight.

Within the first week he started taking 5-HTP, he started losing appetite and eating less. He can't ever finish his plate anymore. He eats half a plate, has a glass of water and that's it. I've never seen him eat so little before!

I have no idea if it's a good idea to take this supplement in the long term. And I certainly don't want him to gain the weight back after he loses it. Hopefully he will be able to return to a healthy weight and stay that way.

Post 1

So is 5-HTP a drug or a hormone?

I want to lose weight and this sounds like a great weight loss supplemant. But I'm already taking an antidepressant that increases my serotonin levels. Can I use 5-HTP with my antidepressant?

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