How do I Unlock a SIM Card?

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You may find yourself needing to unlock a subscriber identity module (SIM) card if you accidentally lock yourself out from your phone by trying to set up a security password in the wrong application. This occurs primarily when users attempt to set a password needed to access the phone when it is turned on, but they choose the wrong security application and lock the SIM card instead. At other times, a SIM may be locked due to its being used in a phone for which it was not intended. Both circumstances can be remedied, either by speaking with customer service at your wireless company or by purchasing a phone code to unlock a card. In most cases, your card can usually be unlocked with minimal hassle.

Many times, wireless customers will inadvertently lock the SIM on their phones. This generally happens when attempting to set a security code. Although you can set a code for most phones to use when turning the device on or off, there is also a preset one for most phones or wireless providers. These two security codes are accessed in different locations on your phone, but it may be easy to get them mixed up.


If at any time you are asked to enter your security code and you do not have a code set, do not repeatedly try to guess the code. Entering an incorrect code multiple times may permanently lock or damage your SIM card. You may end up having to get a new card or a new phone, depending on your provider.

To unlock a card that has been locked my mistake, call your wireless provider or take your phone to the nearest branch. In most cases, the customer service or sales staff will be able to enter the correct code to unlock your phone. Many times, they will give you the code as well, so if it happens again, you will know what to do. If you have already attempted to unlock your card too many times, you may have to be given an entirely new one. Most of the time, you will get to keep the same phone number.

In some cases, you may wish to unlock a SIM card to use it in a phone for which it was not intended. If the card fits into the phone, it can generally be unlocked and used with a rival wireless provider’s device. To do this, you will likely have to take the phone into the wireless provider listed on the phone. Most times, you will be asked to pay a fee in order to have the SIM and phone unlocked so they can be used together.

You may also consider visiting one of many sites online that offer to unlock a SIM card for lower rates. These sites usually have listings of codes, and you pay to be granted access to them. There may also be instructions for unlocking the card or phone if you don’t know how to do this. Be careful when using these sites, and always do research on any online company before making a purchase.


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