How do I Treble Crochet?

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The treble crochet is one of the more common basic crochet stitches, and is frequently used in patterns. Making a treble crochet stitch, also sometimes referred to as a triple crochet stitch, is fairly simple and easy to learn, especially if you have already learned the single and double crochet stitches. The treble crochet simply requires one more initial yarn over and one more step than a double crochet, and two more than a single crochet.

To make this stitch, first yarn over two times before inserting the crochet hook into the stitch, and then stick the hook through both loops of the stitch. Yarn over one more time, and pull the yarn back through both loops of the stitch. Yarn over again, and pull that yarn through the first two of the four loops around the hook. Repeat the last step one more time, yarning over once and pulling the yarn through the last two loops on the hook, leaving one loop still around the hook to begin the next stitch. It is also important to remember to make four chain stitches at the beginning of a row if your first stitch will be a treble crochet in order to prevent the row from tilting downward at the end.


A treble crochet stitch can be a useful way to make projects go faster, because it is a relatively large stitch and takes up more space than a single or double crochet stitch. It also gives the project a slightly more open, lacy look, especially if done loosely or with a large diameter hook. Several treble crochets are sometimes done in the same stitch or around a circular pattern to create unique pattern stitches, such as shells or spiked wheels. Combining treble crochets with smaller stitches like single or double crochets can lend texture and depth to an otherwise simple project.

Due to the lacy openness that treble crochets give a project, they may not be the best choice when making winter clothing such as hats or gloves, since the finished product will easily let cold air through. Conversely, treble crochets may be a very good choice when making summer clothing or decorative items. When crocheting with very fine yarn or thread, treble crochets can give the project a very delicate, feminine look and feel, and are often used in lace doilies, light shawls and wraps, or summer hats.


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