How Do I Treat Oily Body Skin?

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Treat oily body skin as you would treat oily facial skin. The top priority should be keeping all areas of your body as clean as possible. Medicated body powders may help prevent excessive perspiration that can lead to oily body skin. If you have oily skin on your neck, avoid wearing perfumes and colognes, as these may worsen the condition of your skin. Do not use heavy or greasy moisturizers on oily body skin, even in winter.

If you are prone to acne due to oily body skin, you should use a medicated cleanser and product made for treating acne. Look for lotions or creams that contain a small percentage of benzoyl peroxide. Do not use regular soap on your oily skin, but instead use a medicated anti-bacterial cleansing bar or body wash. Along with daily treatment, modify your diet to exclude greasy and oily foods, such as French fries and potato chips.

It's a good idea to establish a daily cleansing routine to help manage your oily body skin. When taking daily showers, use cool or lukewarm water, and pay attention to the oily areas of your body. Try using a glycerine soap on your body, as this will not contribute to excessive oiliness.


You can make your own homemade natural glycerine soap if you prefer. To do so, you'll need to melt a block of glycerine, either in the microwave or on the stove top, and pour the mixture into a mold. It is a relatively simple procedure, and instructions for making pure glycerine soap may be found online.

For extreme cases of oily body skin, you can try a solution of equal parts alcohol and acetone. This mixture acts as an astringent and can help unclog pores and rid the body of oils. Use with caution however, and if you notice redness or dry, flaky skin, discontinue use.

A natural remedy that benefits all skin types is aloe vera gel. You can extract your own gel from an aloe vera leaf, or buy pure aloe at the pharmacy or health food store. Applying aloe on your skin can soothe irritations as well, and it may help to absorb body oils. If you use aloe on your face, keep it away from your eyes to avoid irritation.

If you have long hair, keep it as oil-free as possible. If necessary, use a shampoo for oily hair types and wash your hair every other day. Long hair that tends to fall around the neck and shoulders may cause oily break outs, so keep your hair tied back whenever possible.


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