How Do I Treat Itchy Eyelashes?

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If you are suffering from itchy eyelashes, it is important that you seek medical advice. This is because eye irritation can have several causes, each requiring different types of treatment. In many cases, itchy eyelashes are caused by allergies, sensitivities, or conditions such as blepharitis, all of which can be addressed through simple lifestyle changes or, in many cases, the use of over-the-counter medications. Prior to using medications, particularly topical ointments that contain cortisone, however, you should talk to your doctor about your plans so that you don’t aggravate your condition.

Irritation in the area of your eyelashes can be uncomfortable and may negatively affect your appearance by causing your eyelids to appear red and inflamed. If your eyes feel very dry and red, you may wish to use moisturizing eye drops that can help relieve your symptoms. If the itching persists, evaluate the skin care and cosmetic products that you use on a regular basis. One or more of them may be the culprit, as an allergy or sensitivity can cause itchy eyelashes. In some cases, you may be able to resolve the problem by simply throwing out old cosmetics and replacing them with fresh ones.


A common cause of itchy eyelashes is blepharitis, which is often caused by a failure to properly clean your eyelids. While the does not pose a threat to your eyesight, it can be both unattractive and uncomfortable. By using a good eye makeup remover and making sure that your eyes are free of cosmetics before going to bed at night, you may be able to address your problem. In some cases, your doctor may be able to prescribe an antibiotic cream to relieve the itching, although you may find that an improved skin care regimen can relieve most, if not all, of your symptoms.

Eye allergies are another significant cause of itchy eyelashes. In some cases, the exposure to an allergen, such as pollen, is environmental. In other cases, you may contribute to the eye allergy by unwittingly touching your eyes after your hands have come in contact with an allergy trigger, such as pet dander or even nail polish remover. Antihistamine eye drops may help with your symptoms as well. Be cautious about using steroid ointments, however, as these can lead to the development of eye problems such as glaucoma or cataracts. Physicians can prescribe other types of eyelid treatments that do not contain steroids and thus do not carry the risk of damage to your eyesight.


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Post 4

I found out my eyes are sensitive to any sort of anti-bacterial products, even those wipes for grocery carts will cause my eyes to become red and itchy.

Post 3

@ankara-- If the itching is due to an infection, allergy eye drops are not going to do much.

Are your eyes also swollen and red? If so, you need to see an eye doctor right away. You might have conjunctivitis and that requires antibiotic eye drops. It can be serious, so don't delay treatment.

If you don't have swelling and redness and just itchy eyelashes, then it might just be an eyelash infection.

We all naturally have mites that live on our skin, including on our eyelashes. But sometimes, due to lack of hygiene or due to oil buildup, the mites can become too many and start causing symptoms like itching.

There is a very simple

remedy you can do to treat this. You need to clean your eyes with something hot. It can be hot tea, or just plain hot water. Use either a tea bag or a cotton ball and soak it in the hot tea or water. Apply this to your eyelashes for a few minutes. You can gently wipe your eyelashes back and forth. Do this twice a day for as long as it takes for the itching to disappear.
Post 2

@turquoise-- I have the same symptoms and I've tried three different eye drops this week with no luck. My eyelashes are still itching.

Post 1

I had itchy, watery eyes last month. My doctor said that I'm having an allergic reaction, probably to pollen. He gave me an anti-allergy eye drop to use when I get these symptoms. The eye drops are great. It stops the itching and watering very quickly.

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