How Do I Treat Eye Blisters?

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It's best not to self-diagnosis a condition of the interior of the eye. If you suspect eye blisters on the cornea or whites of your eye, you should consult an eye care professional for proper diagnosis and advice. If the doctor finds a growth on your eyeball, often referred to as a pinguecula or pterygium, he may prescribe lubricating eye drops or steroidal drops to reduce inflammation. If you have recurring eye blisters that your ophthalmologist has treated in the past, you might find relief by resting your eye until the blister disappears.

Minor eye blisters, sometimes referred to as erosions of the eye, generally heal without treatment. Often, these tiny lesions are nothing more than a nuisance. In some cases, however, there may be mild to moderate discomfort and pain, which can be treated by in-home care. If your eye doctor has ruled out any serious cause, you should be able to relieve the discomfort by taking an over-the-counter pain reliever such as acetaminophen. Under your doctor's recommendation, anti-inflammatory eye drops may be used to reduce swelling of the cornea and relieve the irritation.


Try to rest your eye as much as possible until the blister disappears. It's important not to strain the eyes by reading or watching too much television, which can delay healing of the blister. Consider taking a day or two off from work or school until the eye blisters heal. Strong sunlight can make eye blisters worse, so protect your eyes from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays with sunglasses.

Ask your eye doctor or pharmacist which lubricating eye drops to use for the occurrence of eye blisters. If your eye blister is minor, you might find relief by using over-the-counter drops. Otherwise, ask your doctor to prescribe stronger lubricating eye drops to use until the blister heals. If you experience further irritation after using any medication, stop treatment and report the incident to your doctor immediately.

Keep your hands clean by washing them often and try to avoid touching or rubbing your eye. Germs on your hand could contaminate your eye, causing infection, which could lead to serious complications. If extreme redness, severe pain, and swelling has occurred, contact an eye-care specialist immediately. It's best not to force open your eyelid because this could could further damage to the interior of your eye. Severe swelling that prohibits you from opening your eyelid may require treatment from your doctor.


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Post 3

@alisha-- I used to get those a lot too and still get them occasionally. It doesn't contain any pus and looks more like a bump than a blister right?

My eye doctor told me that these are caused by irritation or infection. Women tend to experience it a lot due to makeup. Old or dirty makeup accumulates bacteria and causes these blisters on the waterlines.

Treatment is very easy though. Just put a drop or two of baby shampoo in clean hot water (boiled water). Wait a little bit so that you don't burn yourself and then dip a cotton ball in it. Use the cotton ball to clean your eyelashes and waterline.

I usually close my eyes and keep the hot cotton ball on my eyes for a while and then wipe. Do this everyday for a few days and the blisters will go away. Also, throw away your old and dirty makeup.

Post 2

Has anyone tried methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) eye drops for pinguecula treatment?

MSM is supposed to be a natural sulfur and manufacturers claim that it helps remove eye blisters and heal eye membranes. But it's not FDA approved so I would be using it at my own risk.

My doctor gave me lubricating eye drops to use but there is no improvement with my pinguecula.

Post 1

I get eye blisters all the time on my upper and lower waterline. They are tiny, white blisters that cause a lot of discomfort. It feels like there's something in my eye and hurts when I blink. It goes away on its own in a few days but returns again.

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