How do I Treat Elbow Inflammation?

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Elbow inflammation has many different names, including elbow tendinitis, tennis elbow, and golf elbow. While often thought to only affect athletes, this type of elbow injury actually affects anyone who makes constant repetitive motions. The first step towards treating elbow inflammation is to find out what's causing elbow pain.

Factory workers often suffer from elbow inflammation due to repeat movements. In addition, people who work with computers on a regular basis may also experience some slight elbow strain. No matter what the cause of elbow inflammation may be, it is important to stop making the same repetitive movements that lead to elbow pain. If an elbow has become injured due to athletic activity, then switching to another activity for a few weeks is a good idea. If stopping one particular movement is not possible, then then the next step is to apply ice to the swollen area.

By placing an ice pack on the affected area for 20 minutes, three times per day, elbow inflammation should begin to subside. Also, placing an arm brace above the elbow, on the forearm, will help to support the elbow area. This type of brace should be worn on a daily basis in order to help the elbow heal.


Taking an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drug will help bring swelling down. These pills can be taken on a regular basis, though the instructions listed on the back of the drug bottle should be adhered to. In addition to reducing swelling, an anti-inflammatory drug will also help to relieve any pain temporarily.

Lastly, stretching the elbow area can help with elbow inflammation. Stretches should be performed before and after bedtime. It is important not to overstretch the elbow, but small stretching movements can help the elbow to mend. People who are unsure of which stretching exercises to choose should consult with a medical doctor or licensed physiotherapist. Both of these medical experts can supply patients with various exercises that will help to relieve elbow pain.

People who are currently experiencing elbow inflammation should seek medical attention. While over-the-counter medications and ice packs can help alleviate pain and initial swelling, a larger problem could be causing elbow discomfort. By visiting a medical doctor, the exact cause of elbow pain can be identified. While rare, some people may require prescription medication and physical therapy in order to return the elbow back to its normal state. Elbow tendinitis is far more common than most people think, though it is one injury that is usually easy to treat.


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Post 2

Having a sore elbow is very irritating, I know. It's definitely one of those things that you take for granted until it doesn't work properly anymore.

Apparently this condition is caused just as often by trauma as by repetitive motions. I know if suffered from it when I tried to lift something heavy too quickly and I guess I just injured the area.

I found that the hardest thing was keeping the area relaxed. Because it hurt I kept wanting to tense it up all the time, but that made it worse. I had to force my muscles to ignore the pain and relax so it could heal.

I found that anti-inflammatory painkillers worked wonders as well!

Post 1

If you think typing might be aggravating your elbow inflammation, you should stop for a while (if possible) and see if that helps.

Then, I think everyone should try an ergonomic keyboard. It is mostly designed to stop pain from developing in your wrists, but you will probably hold your elbows differently when using it as well. You might also want to try and get something for your forearms to rest on, so that your elbows aren't strained.

And finally, stretch them out periodically. Often, I find myself typing for hours without realizing I've not moved my arms in all that time. You can get a program that will set off a little alarm as often as you like on your computer to remind you to stretch.

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