How Do I Treat Dry Skin on the Eyelids?

Dry eyelid skin can be a very uncomfortable problem, and it is often characterized by itchy, flaky skin. When skin flakes off, it can possibly fall onto the eyeball, resulting in extreme discomfort. Treating dry skin on the eyelids typically depends on the cause. If it caused by inflammation or infection, a person may need prescribed medications. Other times, dry skin can be treated with moisturizing creams or gels.

Blephartis is one of the most common causes of dry eyelid skin. This condition also causes inflammation of the eyelids, along with inflammation and dry skin around the eyes. Ophthalmologists may prescribe special eye drops as well as anti-inflammatory medication for blephartis. Depending on the cause, an antibiotic may also be prescribed.

If dry skin is not caused by an infection, it can usually be treated at home. Most treatments for dry eyelids typically involve the application of a topical gel or cream. These should be applied with care, however, to avoid getting any in the eye, which can cause pain and redness in minor cases.

Dermatologists consider aloe vera gel to be one of the best natural treatments for dry skin on the eyelids. It can often soothe and moisturize dry skin of any kind. If the eyelids are cracked, aloe vera can also speed up healing time.

Aloe vera gel can either be obtained directly from the plant itself, or purchased at a pharmacy. It can be applied to dry eyelids as often as necessary. Using this gel can help remedy dry skin within a week or two, if used regularly.

Special eyelid moisturizer can also be used for dry skin on the eyelids. Unlike regular body or facial moisturizers, these are designed specifically for the delicate areas surrounding the eyes. Applying a moisturizer a couple times each day can get rid of flaky skin in this area, usually within a couple of weeks.

Certain chemicals can cause dry skin as well. Cosmetics, like eye shadow or eyeliner, may cause this problem for some people. People with sensitive skin should avoid using a large amount of eye make-up for this reason. Also, individuals who notice dry skin around their eyes should discontinue using any cosmetics around their eyes, since it can worsen the condition.

To prevent dry skin on the eyelids, dermatologists recommend removing all make-up at the end of the day. This should be done with a gentle facial cleansers. For individuals who have chronic dry skin, choosing a product designed for this is usually helpful.

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Post 6

I use Burt's Bees honey lip balm on my dry, flaky eyelids. It works fantastically! I reasoned that if it would work on chapped lips, then it could work on eyelids. It does. I could tell an immediate difference after using this lip balm only twice.

Post 4

I've been working in a cool area for two months and my undereye skin became dry, reddish-black, aching and hurting. Are there any home remedies to cure my problem?

Post 3

@turkay1-- There are many dry skin remedies, vitamin E oil is one. Pharmacies sell this in small bottles. You can apply it directly on your skin and put it in bath water.

There are also some supplements that are said to help with dry skin in general. I've heard great things about goat milk, fish oil supplements, and coconut oil- as a supplement and a topical moisturizer.

I have dry skin because of eczema and share the same concerns. I've gotten good results with fish oil supplements and making sure that I drink enough water every day. Sometimes you need to work inside out.

Post 2

@feruze-- I hadn't heard about almond oil before. I'll definitely keep that in mind, thanks.

I have blepharitis. For my dry eyes, I use artificial tears regularly. I also use an eye cleaning method that I learned from my eye doctor. I put a drop of baby shampoo in hot water and wipe my lash line with it using a cotton ball.

My eyelids are a whole different story, I get horrible, dry, scaly skin on my eyelids because of blepharitis. It's been harder to keep my eye area moist than it has been my eyes. I've finally found a product that moisturizes enough to prevent flaking, it's oatmeal cream. Oatmeal is really good at hydrating and it

locks in moisture and treats dry skin for the long term.

In addition to oatmeal, this cream has rose, lavender and olive oil in it. I smother this on my eye area after a bath. It's such a relief that my skin is finally responding to something.

What other products work for dry eyelids? If this cream stops working, I might need other alternatives. I've already noted almond oil. Any others?

Post 1

I like using almond oil to prevent and treat dry eyelids. I don't have a particular skin condition, just terribly dry flaky skin that's also very sensitive. It also doesn't help that I live in a very dry climate.

I tried using eye creams for this problem, but most eye creams give me allergic reactions when used very close to my eye. It makes my eyes water, itch and burn even though I make sure I don't get any in it. I don't understand the purpose of an eye cream that can't be used around the eye!

Then I tried pure almond oil after one of my coworkers recommended it. It has done wonders! I buy organic, all

natural, pure almond oil. I use a cotton ball to apply it on my eyelids and below my eyes. I make sure not to get any in my eyes. It keeps my skin soft, supple and I haven't had flaky eyelids since.

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