How Do I Treat Dry Mouth and Frequent Urination?

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A dry mouth and frequent urination can be more than troublesome; they can also be indicators of a medical condition that needs attention. These symptoms can also be caused by something not medically significant, but still bothersome. Correcting these conditions involves determining the cause and then taking action to correct it.

Diabetes is one of the most common reasons for a person to experience a dry mouth and frequent urination. These two symptoms are often the first indicators that a person has the disease. Low insulin levels cause frequent urination. The result of so much water leaving the body is a dry mouth.These symptoms can be present in type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Diuretic use can also cause dry mouth and frequent urination. People are prescribed diuretics for a variety of medical conditions, including congestive heart failure. Some people take over-the-counter diuretics to aid in water weight loss. The constant flushing of fluids from the body causes frequent urination. A subsequent lack of fluids in the body causes a dry mouth.

Caffeine is a natural diuretic. Drinking several cups of caffeinated beverages a day creates the perfect setting for a dry mouth and frequent urination. Caffeine causes the kidneys to flush a larger-than-normal amount of fluids from the body. Alcohol intake can have the same effect.


A reported side effect of prescription medication designed to treat an overactive bladder is a dry mouth. If the medication works for the individual, frequent urination should cease. When the medication is not effective, the patient continues to have frequent urination and can suffer from a dry mouth.

Once the cause has been identified, treatment can begin. If the culprit is diabetes, bringing blood sugar under control through diet and medication should alleviate the symptoms. For cases caused by prescribed diuretics and other medications, chewing gum or sucking on a sugar-free hard candy can treat a dry mouth. Frequent urination can be treated by adjusting the medication dosage or changing medications.

A dry mouth and frequent urination should not be ignored. If after alcohol and caffeine are eliminated from the diet, the symptoms are still present, a medical consultation should be sought. Diabetes is a serious disease, and early diagnosis is important.


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Post 3

I had dry mouth, thirst, frequent urination and fatigue for about a year before I was able to see a doctor about my symptoms. The doctor immediately suspected diabetes and he was right. My two hour blood glucose was 240mg/dl. It's supposed to be less than 200mg/dl. I'm on medication now and feeling much better. The only way to treat these symptoms is to find the underlying cause and treat that.

Post 2

@ZipLine-- I'm no an expert on diuretics and I think you need to speak to your doctor about this. But I used a diuretic medication for a while and had the same symptoms. As far as I know, urinating more often than usual is not really a side effect that goes away because that's how the diuretic reduces blood pressure. But dry mouth should go away. If dry mouth is persistent, it may be a sign that you are dehydrated due to the effects of the diuretic or that you may have an electrolyte imbalance.

Like I said though, I'm not an expert. So the best person to ask about frequent urination and dry mouth due to diuretics is your doctor.

Post 1

I just started taking a diuretic medication for high blood pressure and I hate the side effects. I'm going to the bathroom every ten minutes. And I drink a lot of water buy my mouth still feels dry.

Is anyone else here taking diuretics? Do these constant urination and dry mouth lessen with time or is it always going to be this way?

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