How Do I Treat Cat Flea Bites?

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Cat fleas, one of the most common types of fleas, can infest other pets and may also bite humans. Flea bites often look like small red bumps that can appear anywhere on an animal, but are usually on the feet, ankles, or lower legs of humans. In most cases, cat flea bites on pets or humans are not serious, but some cats are allergic to them and may experience more severe symptoms. There are remedies to help with the severe itching and discomfort that cat flea bites can cause, such as ice packs and anti-itch medications. To permanently stop flea bites, it will probably be necessary to treat pets as well as the family home if an infestation is severe.

The cat flea is a specific type of flea that can infest many different types of pets. The most common indication that a pet has fleas is scratching and biting of the skin, which can lead to further irritation, infection, and hair loss. If the problem is not treated, pets can develop other health complications from flea bites. Severe cases of cat fleas can lead to infestation of the home and even neighboring apartments in a building. When this happens, people may notice cat flea bites on their feet, ankles, and lower legs.


If a cat, dog, or other household pet appears to have cat fleas, a prompt call or visit to the veterinarian is the best way to eliminate the problem. Some cats are allergic to cat flea bites and can experience more severe health effects if they are not properly treated. Initially, a flea dip, a bath with chemicals to kill the fleas and their eggs, will get the problem under control. After that, flea collars and other products can prevent future infestations. For humans, cold compresses and topical anti-itch medications can help to reduce the itching and discomfort associated with cat flea bites.

When cat fleas severely infest a pet, they can also take up permanent residence in a home. They can live in almost any area, including carpets, furniture, and curtains. Any household fabrics and bedding should be washed and carpets cleaned. Use of spray Insecticides and fumigation can also kill the fleas, but a professional exterminator may be needed for severe cases. Keeping fleas out of the home and away from pets is the best way to prevent cat flea bites.


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Post 3

Flea dips work well for cats and dogs. You just have to repeat them as needed. An animal doctor can let you know how often you can use the dips safely. It's best to stay ahead of the fleas. Once they build in number they can infest your house and they will bite anything that moves, including humans.

Post 2

Some years are worst than others for fleas at our house. I have seen years when the cats hardly ever scratched or bit themselves trying to dislodge a flea. Other years, the little bell on our cat's collar has reminded me of someone ringing a Christmas bell in front of a department store during the holidays.

One of the best ways we have found to combat flea infestation is the medications we get from our vet. The tubes of liquid we get that are applied at the base of the cats' necks work well most of the time.

In years when fleas are particularly plentiful, we also buy the pills that the cats take orally. Getting the cats to swallow them can be a challenge, but the pills provide extra protection and work well. As a safety measure, we limit the amount we gives our cats, and only use the pills when fleas are particularly bad.

Post 1

I have come to the conclusion that if you have a pet who lives outside or goes outside, the chances of keeping the animal free of fleas are not good to say the least. We have tried every cat flea treatment we could find and the cats still have fleas and so do we.

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