How do I Treat Blisters on the Skin?

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Never touch blisters on the skin without first washing your hands. Once your hands are clean, sterilize a utensil that you can use to drain the blisters. Do not remove any skin, even once all of the fluid has been released. Apply antiseptic ointment to each wound and cover it. Keep the blisters clean, and consult a physician if you notice any alarming changes.

Although these blisters may be viewed as a minor condition, it is important to realize that there is risk that they will become bigger problems. If not properly cared for, these wounds can become harvesting grounds for infection. To help reduce the chances of this happening, it is best to wear gloves any time you have to touch the wound or when someone else touches it. If gloves are not available, you should make absolutely sure that the blisters are not touched until after the hands have been thoroughly washed with anti-bacterial soap.

Many people make the mistake of leaving a blister to deflate on its own. Do not do the same. If you have blisters on the skin, it is best to release the fluid yourself. Before you attempt to do this, disinfect the blisters and the surrounding areas. Then disinfect some item that you can use to pierce or slice through each blister.


Make a piecing or an incision at the base of the blister. You do not need to do this all the way around it. You just need an opening that will sufficiently allow the fluid to flow out. Once the blister has drained, do not be tempted to remove the skin that previously contained the liquid. You want to leave the skin in place to protect the new skin that is developing beneath it.

Apply some antiseptic cream over the entire blister and all the way around it. After you have done this, decide whether you want to use a bandage or gauze. Apply the bandage or gauze over the site of the wound. Do not make it too tight. Also do not allow the sticky portion of the covering to get attached to the empty blister because it is likely to rip off the skin that was containing the fluid. Do this with all of your blisters.

You should keep the sites of the wounds covered for several days. This does not mean that you should not show them any attention. You may need to clean them and recover them several times. Be observant of what is going on with the blisters on the skin while you are trying to get them to heal. If they look as if they are getting infected or they do not heal in a reasonable amount of time, you need to seek medical treatment.


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Post 2

@talentryto- This is a very good regimen for helping a blister to heal. I'd like to add one tip to the information you provided in your post.

When removing your blister dressing each day, it is very important to make sure that you take it off slowly so that it doesn't tug at the blister. This will prevent tearing at the skin that could make the area even more painful and slow down healing.

Post 1
A blister on the skin can be very painful, so applying something soothing before putting on a bandage or dressing will help make you feel better as it heals.

After draining the fluid from a blister and cleaning it with an antiseptic, applying an antibiotic cream will soothe the affected area. In addition to making the blistered area feel less painful, using this type of medication will also help to ward off infection.

Take off the dressing you use on your blister at least once a day to check on the healing process and to apply a clean one. Repeat the same process of cleaning the area and applying the antibiotic cream before reapplying the new dressing.

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