How do I Treat a Stomach Ulcer?

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Stomach ulcers, also known as gastric or peptic ulcers, are tears in the lining of the stomach that cause acid and digestive fluids to damage tissues that are located beneath the lining. The main thing to remember prior to the treatment of a stomach ulcer is to determine that what you have is, in fact, a stomach ulcer rather than some other ailment. The only person that can determine this for sure is a licensed physician so be sure to see your doctor, especially if the symptoms are particularly severe or have been nagging you for several days.

The symptoms of an ulcer can be particularly painful, and include vomiting, bleeding, weight loss, fatigue, and sharp, recurring abdominal pains. If left untreated, this painful affliction can lead to much worse complications such as more bleeding, perforation of the stomach or intestine, and penetration of adjacent organs such as the pancreas or the liver. The presence of an ulcer can also cause a lack of red blood cells, which results in a lack of oxygen throughout the body.

One of the best ways to begin treating a stomach ulcer is to stop some of the habits that can be contributing factors to the ailment, which include smoking, coffee drinking, an unhealthy diet, eating spicy foods, and activities that cause a high amount of stress. There are other factors, however, that cannot be changed such as family history, blood group, and ulcers that have been caused due to an infection from a type of bacteria known as H. pylori. The type of treatment that will be recommended by a doctor for an ulcer will be based upon the factor or factors that most likely caused the ulcer.

Another way to treat stomach ulcers is through the ingestion of antacids, and there are two types. The first type of antacid is called an H2-blocker, and is designed to reduce acid production in the stomach, which allows the ulcer to heal. Another type of antacid that is used in the treatment of a stomach ulcer is the proton pump inhibitor. This type of medicine has the capability to stop acid production altogether, allowing for faster healing and relief from severe ulcers. Some of these medicines can be purchased over the counter, but it is still recommended to get a diagnosis from a physician before doing so.

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You can take Manuka honey.

Post 2

@flowerchild -- I have heard that the treatment for a stomach ulcer is to take two antibiotics over a course of two weeks, if it is caused by H. Pylori. Also, you would take one of the antacids mentioned in the article. Another thing that can help soothe the stomach is aloe vera juice. The first step is to get diagnosed by your doctor. If it's a peptic ulcer you might need surgery.

Post 1

Can anyone tell me how long stomach ulcer treatment lasts? Also, is it complicated? It seems like it could be very complicated if you have to take a bunch of medications as well as changing many behaviors.

Has anybody actually done this, can you let me know?

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