How Do I Transfer Voicemail to Email?

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There are a few different ways in which you can transfer voicemail to email, depending on your particular needs and the messages you want to transfer. If you want to set up a new service that automatically forwards your messages to an email address, then you can sign up with one of several companies that provide this service. These businesses can either convert voicemails to a recorded computer audio file and email it to you, or transcribe messages into text and send you that text as an email or short message service (SMS) message. You can also convert your own messages into digital audio files and then email them to yourself or others.

The best way to transfer voicemail to email depends greatly upon your specific needs. If you want to have new, incoming voicemail sent to an email address, then you can choose from a few different companies that offer such a service. This is typically done through a particular business or software program that you use. Different programs can do this differently, though many of them require that you create a new phone number to provide you with multiple services quickly and easily.


Some companies transfer voicemail to email as a text document. These companies transcribe the audio into text, and then send you that text as the body of an email or through a SMS or short message service, also called a text message. Other companies simply copy the content of the recorded message to a digital audio file, and then send you that file attached to an email message. This type of service allows you to transfer voicemail to email quite easily, as you can simply open the email you receive and listen to the attached file.

If you want to transfer your older messages from voicemail to email, then you can achieve this in a few different ways. The easiest way to do this is through the use of a voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) program and a second piece of software that can record audio on your computer. Both of these types of programs are available as freeware, though you want a VoIP program that can dial out to a standard phone number.

You can then use the VoIP software to call your voicemail inbox, input your password, and listen to your messages. As you listen, you can use the recording software to record the audio as a new audio file, even without a microphone or speakers. This allows you to transfer messages from voicemail to email by simply emailing the audio file to yourself or someone else.


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