How do I Trademark a Slogan?

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The trademarking process for a slogan may differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. In most places, however, you will have to begin by ensuring the slogan hasn't already been trademarked. Then, you will usually have to complete a trademark application and submit the required fee. You typically can trademark a slogan online, though many trademark agencies accept applications through the mail as well.

The first step you will usually have to take to trademark a slogan is locating the organization responsible for trademarking in your area. You can typically do this by searching online or even in your local phone directory. Once you've located the agency responsible for trademarking, you may visit its website for jurisdiction-specific information about the trademarking process. Alternatively, you may call and request the information you need.

Once you've located your jurisdiction’s trademark agency, your next step likely will be checking to make sure the slogan you want to use has not already been trademarked. Most trademark agencies provide an online database you can search for free to obtain this information. You can typically search by entering your slogan or keywords related to it. As an alternative to online searching, some agencies provide options to conduct searches over the phone or even through the mail.


While not typically required, you may do well to search online for companies or organizations that may be using the same slogan. You may do this by typing the slogan or a significant part of it into a search engine search box. If you find that the slogan you want is already is in use but not yet trademarked, you may consider choosing a different slogan. Doing so may help you to avoid confused customers and possibly a legal issue with another company in the future.

After ensuring the slogan you want to use is not trademarked, you will typically have to complete an application to trademark a slogan and pay a related fee. The fee you will have to pay and the contents of the application may vary based on the jurisdiction. In most cases, however, you will have to provide the exact slogan you want and details about your company in order to apply for a trademark.

Most trademark agencies will allow you to submit your application to trademark a slogan and check on its status online. As an alternative, however, you may submit the application through the mail. If you live close to a trademark office, you may even choose to make your application in person.


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