How do I Trademark a Phrase?

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In order to trademark a phrase, you will need to begin by using the phrase in a way that is directly related to a business you own or operate. These types of uses include printing the phrase on merchandise and the packaging for merchandise, including the phrase in advertising materials, and using the phrase in advertisements for your business. You will then need to file the necessary paperwork to register your phrase as a trademark with the appropriate government agency for the country in which you live. Once you trademark a phrase successfully, then you will be able to use it to identify your business. Anyone else attempting to use it similarly would be infringing upon your trademark.

A trademark is a form of intellectual property ownership that protects various types of business identifiers, such as the names of businesses and products, logos, and phrases used by a company. If you want to trademark a phrase that you would like to have associated with your business, then you will typically need to begin by using that phrase professionally. Before you try to trademark a phrase, however, you should usually begin by running a search on that phrase to be sure no one else has already established a trademark on it.


You can then begin to trademark a phrase by simply using it in association with your business. This can include printing the phrase on your merchandise or packaging for the products you create, or using it on advertisements for your services. You should then file to register a trademark on your phrase to gain full recognition for your ownership and greater legal protection in case of infringement. To officially trademark a phrase, you should contact the appropriate government agency in your country, such as the US Patent and Trademark Office or the Intellectual Property Office in the UK.

The process to trademark a phrase usually consists of filling out certain paperwork. You will need to indicate the type of business and particular use of the phrase, as specifically as possible, and include a sample of the phrase in use. There is usually a filing fee for trademark registration, though the amount will depend on the country in which you are filing. Once your registration is successful, you can continue using the trademarked phrase and know that your use of the phrase, for business purposes related to your particular type of business, is protected.


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