How Do I Throw a Pedicure Party?

Alex Tree

A pedicure party can be thrown in a variety of ways. You can invite the guests to your own home or a hotel to perform group pedicures on each other. Alternatively, depending on local laws, you can hire a nail technician to do pedicures for a more professional look. Whatever method chosen, have snacks on hand for people to nibble on and consider background music and games to entertain people while they wait. Throwing a pedicure party also requires cleaning up, which can be difficult and expensive if a carpet is coated in nail polish.

Cotton wool pads are used to remove makeup and nail polish.
Cotton wool pads are used to remove makeup and nail polish.

Pedicure parties can be thrown almost anywhere; for example, the host’s home, a hotel, and spas are popular places. If you throw the party in your own home, do not forget about cleaning up, which can be a big responsibility depending on how messy the guests were. Throwing a pedicure party at a hotel can also be expensive, because hotels usually charge their guests for damages. The simplest but not always the most convenient place to throw a pedicure party is at a spa or salon staffed with professionals who are responsible for cleaning their own work stations.

A woman getting a pedicure.
A woman getting a pedicure.

Decide how everyone will be getting pedicures. You can have the guests give pedicures to each other, but some people are uncomfortable touching another person’s feet. In addition, this can make for an awkward social situation if some of the guests do not know each other. Alternatively, you can invite a professional or two to perform pedicures on all the guests. A potential downside to this is that some parts of the world have laws that prohibit mobile manicure or pedicure stations.

Like most other parties, food and drinks are usually appreciated. Have ready finger food, light snacks, and a variety of beverages on hand for guests who get hungry during the pedicure party. It is generally a good idea to have at least one vegetarian option and to exclude dairy products on some of the snacks. Look for snacks that do well at room temperature so you will not have to reheat or refrigerate things more than once.

Lastly, be careful to keep the finger nail polish in the bottle or on someone’s toes rather than the floor. This beauty product can be a pain to clean up and might require paying a significant fee if spilled on a hotel’s carpet. Some people recommend having pedicure parties outdoors to avoid such problems. If the weather is nice, this is sometimes a viable alternative to having a pedicure party indoors.

Toenails with a French pedicure.
Toenails with a French pedicure.

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