How Do I Throw a Candle Party?

Tiffany Manley

Hosting a candle party usually involves following several simple steps, such as choosing the product to sell, setting a date for the party, and inviting guests. You might also choose to send invitations, plan games and snacks, and set up the area to host your candle party. Taking and fulfilling orders is typically another component of the event. You might even decide to host an online candle party.

Candles on display for a party.
Candles on display for a party.

There are several ways to sell candles, including making your own, contracting with a direct sales company, or hosting for a friend who sells the product. If you choose to create your own products, ensure that you are following business guidelines in your area. When working with a company, check the reputation, pricing, and consultant policies. Each business likely has a structure set up that will determine how much you earn from each sale, if you will incur any startup costs, and guidelines for hosting your candle party.

Social networking can help people organize a candle party.
Social networking can help people organize a candle party.

It is usually important to set a date for your function that is approximately three weeks out, as this typically allows you enough time to choose guests and invite them. This time frame also affords the guests the opportunity to fit it into their schedules. Once a date is chosen, you might invite your guests in a number of ways, such as paper invitations, email, or by asking them directly.

While there is typically no set schedule of activities for an event like this, many people like to include a few party games for their guests. You might choose product-related games such as guessing the scent of a concealed candle or answering trivia questions. Additionally, you might want to serve snacks such as light appetizers, although it is also common for an event host or hostess to serve a meal during the candle party.

If you are the salesperson for the function, gather your products, order forms, and samples beforehand and setting up a display usually allows for a more interesting party. Guests generally enjoy the ability to see the various products and place orders at that time. If you are hosting the party for someone else, ensure they have ample time to prepare at the event location.

Delivery of ordered items might be made personally, or they can be mailed. Inclusion of a small handwritten note is usually a nice way to show your appreciation for the guests’ attendance. Some people choose to include order information with the deliveries in case a person wants to make another purchase.

Hosting an online candle party is sometimes easier as it involves simply emailing product and purchase information to guests. Guests are then able to review the information and make a purchase if desired. Items are generally delivered directly to the consumer.

Candle party hosts typically send attendees thank-you notes following the event.
Candle party hosts typically send attendees thank-you notes following the event.

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@Ana1234 - I think you could sell quite a few candles if you set them up properly at a house, without needing to be much of a salesperson. I went to a party once where they had put a whole bunch of floating candles in the pool and it looked so lovely we were all asking where we could get them.


@Mor - I think it can be done in a tasteful way and there are enough candle companies encouraging people to have these kinds of parties that it must work for a lot of them.

I mean, if nothing else it's good advertising and you might give away free samples or something.

Plus having a candle theme could be really fun, especially if you get guests to make their own candles. That's an activity that doesn't need much set-up but the results often look really good.


I'm not a huge fan of the idea of hosting a party in order to sell things to your friends. I feel like you have to really make it about them and not about the sales, or it just comes across as uncomfortable and fake.

I think candles would probably be better than a lot of other things, though, because scented candles could really just be something in the background that you could announce are available for sale, but don't push on people. A lit candle makes its presence known anyway and they add a nice atmosphere to any party.

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