How Do I Style a Bob with Bangs?

Emily Pate

Styling a bob with bangs involves deciding on where and how to part your hair; styling it for either a curly, wavy, or straight look; and making small changes for a bit of variety. The part that you choose depends on factors like bang length and face shape, and can be achieved by dividing the hair with a pointed comb or pencil. Curls and waves add versatility and need little more than styling cream and air drying, while a straight look typically requires blow-drying and perhaps straightening. Flipping out the ends of hair or even pinning it back are quick ways to get a new look.

A hairstylist cutting a short bob.
A hairstylist cutting a short bob.

Depending on the length of your bangs, you may be able to style them for varying effects. Longer bangs can be parted either in the middle of the head or on the side. A middle part can lengthen a round face, especially if your bob hits at or below the chin, while a deeper part on the side gives a sleeker look, particularly when the hair is straightened. It can also give your bob with bangs volume and a romantic touch when tresses have waves or curl.

The bangs of a bob can be styled with hairspray to help them lie flat.
The bangs of a bob can be styled with hairspray to help them lie flat.

To get a clean part, you can use a rat tail comb or pencil to "draw" a line from your forehead to the crown. Hair is then put into place with a comb or by hand. Dabbing a bit of setting cream or hairspray on the roots can help to set it.

If you have curly or wavy hair, your bob with bangs has even more versatility. You can towel dry your hair and add a dab of texturizer or styling cream to tame any frizz, then let the tresses dry naturally. Bangs can be worn over the forehead, tucked behind the ears for longer styles, or parted on the side. Turning your head upside down and spraying the roots with a fixing product can add volume as well. If you have straight hair, use hot rollers or curlers to get the look, misting them with water once they're cool to relax the tendrils.

For a sleek and smooth bob with bangs, you can use a paddle or barrel brush to blow-dry your tresses straight. Applying protectant beforehand shields them from the damaging heat and can help to smooth your locks. Working with one small section at a time and pinning the rest of your hair up can result in more thorough straightening. Running a brush through afterwards gives it a softer look, while using a straightening iron creates a sleeker, more contemporary style.

You can give your bob with bangs a fresh look with small variations. A large-barrel curling iron or round brush can be used to flip the ends out and the bangs away from the face, giving a youthful, playful effect. For a romantic, casual style, locks can be pinned or tied back, except for the front layers, leaving several shorter wisps down to frame the face. If you want a break from your bangs, you can always pin them back or to the side as well.

A bob with bangs may be styled in many different ways, depending upon the length of the bangs.
A bob with bangs may be styled in many different ways, depending upon the length of the bangs.

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