How do I Strengthen a First Resume?

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Writing a first resume can be a daunting task for many people. Understanding the purpose of the resume can help alleviate some of the stress associated with it and help you create a great first resume. Your resume is designed to show a prospective employer how you will add value to his or her company. By keeping this key piece of information in mind, you can strengthen your first resume easily. You can strengthen your first resume by including information about volunteer experience, special skills, positive personality traits, internships and educational accomplishments.

Many people think of paid work experience and college coursework when they think of putting together a resume that will pique the interest of a potential employer. Volunteer experience and internships are great items to include on a first resume because they highlight commitment and the skills you possess. Even though these positions are not paid, you show you care about others, have good time management skills and know how to interact with others and perform a task. These skills are even more important if they are utilized in your desired career field.


Highlight any special skills on your resume, such as knowledge of computers, writing or anything related to the position for which you are applying. Computer and technological skills are important, but other skills are important as well. Some careers do not have as much of a primary focus on computers as other do. Research the field you are looking to work in, see what skills would be assets and identify the ones that you possess. Note those on your resume and be prepared to discuss them with a potential employer.

Positive personality traits rank just as high as technical skills with many employers. An employer often would rather train the right person for the job because he or she possesses positive personality traits than hire a person who does not possess those traits just because of his or her technical skill. Abilities such as working well with others, time management, integrity and motivation can be very important to an employer.

At your stage in life, your education accomplishments might be a big part of who you are. If you have a high grade-point average (GPA), mention it on your resume. Mention any special awards or recognitions that you have received. Although schoolwork might not be the most important aspect of your resume, an employer will be glad to see that you take things seriously and can perform well in school.


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