How Do I Store Parsley?

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You can store parsley for about two weeks in the refrigerator using two different methods. One method involves wrapping washed parsley in a towel and then inside a plastic bag. The second method is to place the herb in a glass of water with the leaves tented with a plastic bag. It is essential to store parsley properly; otherwise, the herb can become wilted, slippery, and useless.

In the first method, the parsley should be thoroughly washed to remove all dirt and pesticides. This can be done by placing the parsley in a large bowl of cold water and swishing the herb around gently under the water. The water should be changed at least once and the washing repeated.

After the parsley has been washed, gently shake the excess water off the leaves and lay the parsley out on either a clean hand towel or several layers of paper towels. You should try to arrange the parsley into one layer across the towel. Using a paper towel, gently dab the parsley leaves to remove some of the excess water droplets.


To store parsley, simply roll the towel up with the parsley inside. Next, fold a small amount of each end of the rolled towel inward to secure the bundle. Finally, to hold the moisture, slide the entire wrap into a plastic freezer bag, write the date on the outside of the plastic bag, and then place the bundle in the vegetable drawer of your refrigerator. When you are ready to use the parsley, you will simply open the bundle, remove the parsley you need, and then re-wrap the parsley. You can store parsley in the refrigerator using this method for seven to ten days.

The second method to store parsley should begin by cutting off a small section of the parsley stems. Do not wash the parsley, and if any moisture appears on the leaves, the plant should be laid out on a paper towel and dabbed dry. Next, fill a glass with water and place the parley into the water with the leaves standing up.

Before placing the glass with the parsley in the refrigerator, the leaves should be protected by shrouding them with a plastic bag. Replace the water in the glass every one to two days to keep it fresh and to prevent bacterial growth in the water. Parsley stored in this way will typically last one to two weeks. When using this method, you will need to remember to wash the parsley right before using it.


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Post 3

I use parsley all the time and I want it clean and ready to go. So I remove the stems, wash the parsley, dry it and store it in a small airtight plastic container in the fridge. I usually use up the whole container in a week so I just refill it when it's empty. It's a great way to have the herb clean and on hand while cooking.

Post 2

@SteamLouis-- I store parsley in the fridge for three weeks without problems. I wrap it in newspaper and it stores very well.

Are you washing the parsley first but not drying it out? If so, you might actually be causing it to stay moist with a wet paper towel. And that will make the parsley go bad. Don't wash it. Just wrap it in newspaper and store it in the fridge. You can wash some right before you need to use it. Never wash the whole thing, just use as much as you need.

Also keep the parsley in the fruit and vegetable section of the fridge. If it's freezing, it's either in the wrong section or you've got your fridge turned up too high. I would not freeze parsley. I'm quite sure that would ruin it. But you could dry it and store it dried in a container in the cupboard.

Post 1

I can never manage to store parsley properly. I only use it as garnishment for dishes so it's not a herb I use every day. But when I buy it, I want it to last two or three weeks at least so that my money doesn't entirely go to waste. But for some reason, it always ends up ruined after about a week. It's either frozen or it goes bad. I've tried wrapping it in a paper towel, it didn't work.

Can I possibly freeze parsley? Would it turn out okay after it thaws?

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