How Do I Stop Vomiting?

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Once a person feels that he or she is going to vomit, it is almost impossible to stop the physical process that has been set in motion. Even so, it is possible to take steps to reduce the likelihood that vomiting will continue, including allowing yourself to vomit, monitoring the foods you eat, and taking medication. There are many different strategies, medications, and folk remedies that can be used to stop repetitive vomiting. One of the most important actions to take when trying to stop vomiting is to establish the cause of the vomiting. When a person throws up for more than 24 hours, a doctor must be called for the individual's health and safety.

Many people find that a good way to stop vomiting is to allow them to vomit. This is usually not the most pleasant sensation, but vomiting up a dangerous ingested substance can get rid of nausea completely. Forcing vomiting is not a good idea unless you know you have eaten poison. There is typically a reduction of nausea after vomiting, but this sensation may return after a short period of time.


Another good strategy to stop vomiting is to monitor and selectively choose what foods you eat. Certain foods can increase nausea and thereby increase vomiting. If possible, avoiding solid foods can be a good way to make vomiting less unpleasant, thereby expediting the expulsion process. Even though it might not feel like a good idea, it is absolutely essential to stay hydrated when vomiting, even if drinking fluids induces more vomiting. If dehydration is a risk, medical attention is required.

To stop vomiting from occurring at all, a number of folk remedies may be effective. Chewing gum or sipping flat cola are often cited as effective remedies for vomiting. In certain cases, over-the-counter medications designed to reduce nausea can be effective as well. Prescription medications specifically designed to reduce nausea and prevent vomiting can be prescribed if the problem is frequent or serious. This is a common strategy when vomiting is a side effect of treatment for another disease, such as cancer.

The best way to stop vomiting is to resolve the underlying cause. For example, if vomiting is caused by motion sickness, getting your bearings on solid ground might be a good idea. On the other hand, if the cause is a flu, resolving other flu symptoms may be the fastest way to end the illness overall. Vomiting caused by environmental factors can sometimes be easily resolved, but because vomiting is often part of the healing process in certain illnesses, it is not always wise to forcibly stop vomiting.


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I find it can be a case of mind over matter. If it's bad indigestion, I will find a comfortable spot on the ground and try to meditate. I visualize my stomach getting calmer, and a lot of times the nausea will subside before it reaches a point of no return.

Post 1

If vomiting feels inevitable, I just have to let it happen. But then I'll drink a fair amount of water and lie in bed until the nausea subsides. I can't stay in the room where I vomited, because it will most often trigger another round by association. Getting cool will also help me calm down.

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