How do I Start a Jamba Juice&Reg; Franchise?

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The decision to start a Jamba Juice® franchise should not be taken lightly. It takes time, money, business knowledge, and dedication to start a Jamba Juice® franchise and have it be successful. Generally, the Jamba Juice® corporation requires franchisees to commit to opening several units in a five year period of time. Before given approval to open even the first Jamba Juice® unit, potential franchisees must fill out a request form from the corporation, submit an application, and interview with company executives.

To start a Jamba Juice® franchise, the potential franchisee must fill out an online form called a Request for Information. The form asks general questions, such as name, address, and phone number, but it also asks some specific financial questions. For example, potential franchisees must state how much money they have available to invest in the franchise, what their net worth is, whether they have business, restaurant, or retail experience, and where they would prefer open their Jamba Juice® units. Once the corporate executes review the answers submitted on the form, they decide whether the person is a good candidate to start a Jamba Juice® franchise.


Next, the potential franchisee will submit a more detailed packet of application materials. Further financial information and proof of net worth and liquid assets will be released at this time. Then, interviews with corporate executives will be set up. The executives may also visit the businesses of the potential franchisee that already exist. They may check pre-existing businesses to see how the businesses are run and whether the individual can make sound business decisions.

If all goes well, the potential franchisee will be invited to learn how the franchise units at Jamba Juice® are supported. At that time, they will learn how the company functions, how marketing works for the company, and other business details. The information may be useful to help people learn how they will start and run their own Jamba Juice® franchise.

Once an approval letter is sent to the individual from corporate executives, the only thing left is the signing of the business franchise agreement and the payment of fees. Typically, there will be a franchise development fee, a royalty fee, and a marketing fee. The initial franchise fee is a one-time flat fee, where the royalty and marketing fees are set off of a percentage of the money earned by the franchisee.

A Jamba Juice® unit may not be located just anywhere. The corporation has guidelines that must be followed. For example, storefronts must be of a certain size, have visibility, have ample parking, and be in a location that is approved by the corporate executives. Demographics, venue, and co-tenancy are also important factors to consider before selecting a location for a Jamba Juice® franchise. In addition, a Jamba Juice® franchise can be opened in North America, Europe, Asia, South America, and the Middle East, upon approval by the corporate executives.


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