How do I Soften Rough Heels?

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When calluses and dry skin make feet look and feel unattractive, it may be desirable to soften rough heels. A regimen of soaking and moisturizing heels may do the trick for some people. Others may require special scrubs, exfoliating tools and oils to achieve soft feet. When professional pedicures become time-consuming and expensive, there are many options an individual can try at home that are relatively inexpensive in order to help soften rough heels.

Most beauty experts recommend soaking the feet as a first step, as doing so should help loosen dead skin cells. This can be done in the shower or in a small tub or foot bath. Lukewarm water often works best to soften rough heels; some suggest adding a few drops of oil or even milk to the water.

Those whose heels are only mildly dry can follow the first step by next massaging an oil or a thick moisturizer into the feet. There are many products available that are specifically meant to help soften rough heels. One does not need a fancy or expensive treatment, necessarily; any intense lotion or fruit-based oil could work.

Sometimes calluses become thick, cracked, and hard to manage. This could be due to weather conditions, the type of footwear used, or if rough heels are not taken care of in a timely manner. There are more beauty tips those who have more severe problems with dry heels might wish to try.


Scrubs and tools that exfoliate, or loosen dead skin cells from the body, can be a helpful addition to this routine. After soaking the feet, an individual may apply a moisturizing product that includes salt, pieces of pumice stone, or other coarse materials to the heels. These elements should hasten the process of smoothing away calluses. After the exfoliants have been used, it is customary to rinse the feet off in warm water.

Using a pumice stone or heel scrubber to work the exfoliant into the heel could further help the process. On the other hand, a pumice stone, with its abrasive surface, can be used in the shower as often as necessary without a special scrub. Those who use this tool should be careful not to wear away new skin cells, which could be painful.

To further soften rough heels, acne medicine containing salicylic acid may be applied to dry areas of the feet. After finishing with the thick lotion or oil, some find it helpful to put clean socks on to lock moisture in. It is common to perform this regimen just before bed and then let the moisturizers set in overnight. The socks may either be cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester, which generally help keep feet dry from sweat. In the morning, heels may have a noticeably improved, soft texture.


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Post 3

@purplespark: I was a little confused when I got my Ped Egg. It was just weird looking. One half of the “egg” is the cover and the other half is the part that you use. To me, it looked like a cheese grater. It looked like it would be very painful.

I found that it was actually very effective. I have used pumice stones, lotions, and just about every foot cream that you can think of for my feet. The Ped Egg actually works as an exfoliator and literally removes the layer of thick, dead, dry skin from your feet.

Post 2

@purplespark: Many people are very self-conscious about their feet, especially if they are dry and cracked. The Ped Egg promised to cure the problem. I bought my Ped Egg for $10 when they first came out. I was very leery of this new product because I had tried so many other things that didn’t work.

However, I love my Ped Egg. It does exactly what it said it would do. It’s very easy to use and it keeps the bottoms of my feet soft and looking great. I can wear my flip-flops again! I can’t speak for everyone else, but I really do like mine.

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Has anyone tried those PedEggs? If so, do they really work for rough feet?

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