How Do I Set up a Web Conference Room?

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A web conference room allows you to connect with friends and colleagues over large distances. Setting up a web conference room will require proper computer equipment, a reliable internet connection, and a web conferencing client. Also, do not forget to follow proper web conference etiquette.

With a computer that has connection to the internet, install the web conference client onto each computer. All participating computers will need a stable internet connection. This connection can be from either Wi-Fi or via a direct line. Each participant will have to have an account with the web conference client.

Setting up a web conference requires proper equipment. A conference will require users to have a webcam-enabled computer or a stand-alone web camera that can be connected to a computer. Web conferences are similar to traditional phone calls, but will involve the one or all of the participants being able to view each other while conversing. Make sure to move to an area that has ample lighting, allowing the individuals to see you without straining their eyes.


Once the web conference client is installed onto each computer, the participants will have to create a profile with a username and password. The participants should also add each other onto their corresponding phone books for easy personal connections. After each person has the program installed and has set up his or her profile, then a web conference room can be started. Click to select the usernames desired in the conference from your contact list. Most programs will have a "Call" button, allowing users to easily connect with each other.

Most programs will allow for multiple users to be in the same web conference room at the same time. Inviting newcomers to the conversation is usually as simple as clicking on an "Add Person" button. This enables a group of people to meet virtually and share files instantly via the web conferencing platform.

Make sure to follow web conference etiquette. Just like in-person conversations, allow each individual to finish his or her thoughts and sentences. Do not interrupt people when they are speaking. If you have to leave for whatever reason, don't just click out to exit, but instead tell the participants politely and, if possible, state when you will return. Once everyone is done with the conference call, you can easily close the connection by simply closing any open windows and signing out of the web conference room.


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