How Do I Set up a Video Conferencing Room?

Whitney Leigh White

The main utilization of a video conferencing room is for people to telecommunicate with one another via the use of video and audio transmissions. A video conference call is different from a videophone call because it involves a group of people, not two single persons. Since there are a number of people involved, many times, a video conferencing room will have to be used by the people taking part in the telecommunication. This room has to be designed and set up appropriately, as this makes sure everyone can be seen and heard during the meeting. There are many different ways to set up a videoconferencing room, and the number of people and purpose of the meeting usually determines which type of arrangement is most appropriate.

Video conferencing may help reduce a business's travel expenses.
Video conferencing may help reduce a business's travel expenses.

When there is a large enough video conferencing room provided, and usually less than 15 people attending, a U-shaped video conferencing room can be set up. This type of setup usually includes three tables, all connected to one another, forming the shape of a U. The person(s) with whom the group is telecommunicating is generally viewable on a TV or computer screen at the open part of the U. The attendees of the meeting sit on the outside parts of the tables, so that they can conveniently watch, communicate, and take notes.

Webcam placement is important when setting up a video conference room.
Webcam placement is important when setting up a video conference room.

For video conferences that involve 16 or more people, the majority of time, it is most advantageous to set up the meeting in an auditorium. While this type of setup does not allow for much interaction between all attendees, an audience microphone can be utilized to ask questions. This setup also enables all attendees to easily view the video screen, which is usually set up at the front of the auditorium room.

No matter what type of design a videoconferencing room is set up in, it is important that the room has no shiny surfaces, and even more importantly, no glass. If the room does have windows, dark blinds should cover them. Shiny surfaces, glass, and windows tend to reflect not only light, but sound as well, making it hard for the person(s) on the other end to see and hear.

There are several other tips that can help with the set up of a video conferencing room. One microphone is sufficient for every three persons in attendance of a video conference. Anytime a single-person presentation is taking place, a lapel microphone should be used. The color red should not be found in any d├ęcor or on any persons found in video conferencing rooms, as this will cause flickers to occur on the video. Most video conferencing rooms will require one to three cameras, with all cameras, video screens, and monitors placed away from bright lights.

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