How do I Sell a Timeshare?

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Selling a timeshare can be a relatively simple task in a good economy where a desire for travel often leads people to explore opportunities. However, in a tough economy, selling one may be a tough task. Most will choose to turn to a professional to sell a timeshare, but that may not be necessary.

A timeshare can make for a worry-free vacation. Stressing this can help make the sale a little easier. There is no worry about finding a hotel, wondering about its location or amenities. Everything is familiar. This can be of prime value to buyers.

The first step in selling a timeshare is determining what, exactly, you want to sell. For those wanting to completely divest themselves of the property, options up to and including hiring a real estate agent exist. For those who simply want to sell their timeshare slot in a particular year, there may be some different options.

Often, when selling a timeshare outright, enlisting the help of the property management company in charge of the site may be beneficial. These companies may offer a listing as well as keep a bulletin board in the office at the location. That way, any visitors or prospective buyers stopping by may have look at the different units available.


It is important to remember that selling a timeshare is a legal real estate transaction. As such, it is subject to all local laws regarding real estate sales. Further, because the unit is a joint ownership with others, certain additional rules, such as approval of the new buyer, may exist. This should be researched prior to the listing.

Another thing one must have when selling a timeshare is patience. Many times, the company who owned and marketed the property when it was originally built will spend several thousand dollars just trying to sell each unit. This inflates the price of a new timeshare and makes it harder to sell for the original price paid, especially if the sale was relatively recent. In many cases, it may not be possible to get as much out as was paid in.

Listing a timeshare can be done through an agent, or on the seller's own. Many Web sites offer timeshare resales. Often, these may be just as effective at finding buyers, but an agent may be better able to guide a seller through any legal hurdles or navigate around any other issues.

For those who simply want to sell their time at a location during a particular year, Website listings are also good options. However, real estate agents may likewise be willing to help. In this case, it is not really a sale, but rather a temporary lease.


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