How Do I Sell a Fur Coat?

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There are several reasons why you may consider selling a fur coat. Before, doing this, however, you should learn as much about the coat as you can. Also, have your fur coat appraised before selling it, so you know about how much money it will fetch.

The first thing you should do before you sell a fur coat is learn as much as you can about it. Much of this information should be on the tag inside the coat. If the coat does not have a tag, or this information is not listed there, you will most likely need the help of a professional furrier.

Besides the obvious size, style, and color of a fur coat, you will also need to know some other information. Try to determine how old the fur coat is. If you bought the fur coat new, this should be easy. If the coat was a hand-me-down or if you purchased a used fur coat, you may need to do a little more research. When you sell a fur coat, age does not usually matter as much as what type of fur it is and how it was maintained.


Determine what type of animal fur the coat is made out of. Mink and sable are two very popular types of fur coats. These are extremely soft and silky, and they will usually be worth more than other types of furs. If the type of fur is unknown to you, you may need to take the coat to a furrier.

A properly maintained coat will also be worth much more. Properly caring for a fur coat usually requires climate-controlled storage. If you were not the original owner of the coat, try to find this information from the previous owner.

Getting an appraisal is highly recommended before you sell a fur coat. Professional furriers will usually be able to do this, though some may charge a small fee. During the appraisal, the furrier will inspect the coat closely. Afterward, you should be presented with a certificate or some other type of paperwork stating the value of the coat.

The Internet and your local paper are two of the best places to sell a fur coat. When placing an ad, be sure to list all of the information about the coat, including the size and style. Potential buyers will usually want to know what type of fur was used, as well as if the coat was properly maintained. You should also include at least one picture with your advertisement.


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I have a monkey capelet in excellent condition. How much do you think this is worth?

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I have a full length black gorilla monkey fur coat with collar and lapels, pockets and buttons on the coat but there is no label. How or what do I do about finding out the value of this coat and who would be interested in taking this off my hands? Anyone's input would be appreciated.

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