How Do I Score Well on the Physical Education PRAXIS™?

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The Educational Testing Service (ETS) designed the Physical Education Praxis™ exams for use in evaluating prospective and current physical education teachers in America. Content Knowledge, Movement Form: Analysis, and Movement Form: Video Evaluation are the three separate exams make up the Physical Education Praxis™ tests. To score well on the Physical Education Praxis™ exams, you will need to learn the format, study the materials, and practice.

It is important to know the format of the tests. The exams cover information on teaching physical education from early elementary through high school. Although the information covered on each test is very similar, the question styles are radically different.

The Content Knowledge test lasts two hours and consists of 120 multiple choice questions. Movement Forms: Analysis and Design is made up of only two questions each with several parts. In Movement Forms: Video Evaluation, your task is to analyze the movements shown in two short videos, list areas for improvement, and describe how to communicate that information to a student.

All Praxis™ content area assessments give you credit for a correct answer and nothing for a wrong answer or a blank. Guessing cannot hurt your score, and it might help if you guess right. Questions which stump you should be marked so that you can look at it again if you have time.


ETS provides overview brochure to help identify topics to study. After gathering all your study materials into one place, each can be broken into subtopics before reviewing the topic as a whole. The process can be repeated for each topic and finished by reviewing the subject as a whole, making sure you haven’t forgotten anything.

Practice tests help you become familiar with question formats. Free sample questions and answers are usually available online through university education departments and the ETS website. For more thorough preparation, full practice exams are for sale online and in many bookstores.

It is not wise to cram the day before the test. Worrying about the Physical Education Praxis™ may make the experience harder. You should bring your ticket, photo ID, pencils, and directions to the testing site. Getting plenty of sleep the night before is also wise.

On the morning of the exam, you should eat a good breakfast. Research shows people who eat breakfast tend to score higher on this type of test. Arriving early and using the restroom before hand may diminish stress. If you think you may need tissues, put some in your pocket before the test begins.

During the exam remember to relax and pace yourself. Make sure you read all possible answers and answer all parts of a question. If you’re taking more than one test in a day, use your break to stretch, use the restroom, and relax. Remember not to panic, and most states allow you to take the test as many times as needed to pass.


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