How Do I Reupholster a Couch?

Christina Edwards

To reupholster a couch, you must first carefully remove the old upholstery and measure it. You can then repair any damage, such as broken springs, on the inside of the couch. Replacement upholstery must also be purchased and cut to size. The new upholstery can then be attached to the couch using either staples, nails, or tacks.

The old upholstery should be measured before new upholstery is cut to size.
The old upholstery should be measured before new upholstery is cut to size.

You must first remove the old upholstery when you reupholster a couch. This should be done very carefully, since it can be used as a template to cut the new upholstery. If there are staples or tacks holding the upholstery on, they should be pride up carefully. Stitches, on the other hand, should be cut carefully. Foam should also be removed from any couch cushions, and the seams should be carefully ripped open.

Staples are the most common methods of attaching upholstery.
Staples are the most common methods of attaching upholstery.

Lay all of the old upholstery flat on the floor. You can then make rough sketches of how these pieces are shaped. After you have made your sketch, you should then measure all sides of the fabric and mark down the dimensions on the sketch.

To reupholster a couch well, you will need to inspect the inside of the furniture for damage. This damage should be fixed before you apply the new upholstery. Springs, for example, should either be replaced or tightened.

Using the measurements from the old upholstery, you should be able to figure out how much upholstery you will need to buy. You will usually be able to purchase new upholstery from a fabric or craft store. Be sure to choose a durable upholstery fabric that you like to reupholster a couch. Also,get a little more than you think you will need, just in case any mistakes are made. You will also want to purchase any other necessary items, like batting and stuffing, as well as foam for any cushions.

After the new upholstery has been purchased, you should then take it home and spread it out flat on the floor. The old upholstery can then be laid on top of it. Trace around the old upholstery with chalk or a fabric pencil, and use heavy duty scissors to cut around the line. It is usually recommended that you leave at least an inch (2.5 centimeters) of extra upholstery on the edges.

Replace any damaged or flat batting or stuffing before attaching the new upholstery to the couch. When you reupholster a couch, it is also recommended that you attach the new upholstery in the same manner that the old upholstery was attached. Staples, nails, and tacks are usually the most common methods of attaching upholstery.

Fold under the edges of the new upholstery before you attach it. Start at one edge of the couch, and attach the new upholstery to the edge. Holding it taut, attach it to the opposite side. You can then cover the entire couch in a similar manner. You can attach decorative rope to the seams, if desired.

If you want to reupholster a couch with cushions, you will most likely need to make new cushion covers. This can be done by tracing the pieces of the old couch cushions on the new upholstery and cutting them out. The new covers can then be sewn together in the same places that the old ones were. Adding a zipper to the back of the cushions will also be necessary. You will also need to cut thick foam to fit inside the covers.

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