How do I Restore SIM Card Memory?

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There are many reasons why your subscriber identity module (SIM) card may be erased of important data, including human error and viruses. The primary way to restore SIM card memory is to purchase or download a SIM card recovery software system. There are many types of programs available, so read carefully before making a purchase to ensure that you are getting the capabilities you need. For example, some programs may only be capable of recovering lost text messages or phone numbers, but not other information you may need.

The primary reasons you may need to restore SIM card memory include virus attacks, a corrupted SIM card or mobile device, and accidentally erasing important files or information. Until recently, there were no easy ways to recover this lost information. Now, there are several programs available to download that can help you get much of your lost data back.

In many cases, the recovered information will not be directly restored to your SIM card. The software will recover the information and present it on a computer screen or on your mobile device, where you can then print and re-enter it onto your SIM card manually. Most programs are capable of recovering text message inbox and outbox information, phone contacts, and call details. These programs are currently the most effective way for consumers to restore SIM card memory.


You can find one of these software systems by going online and searching for SIM card memory salvagers. Many are available for download, some at very reasonable prices. Read about each program carefully to ensure that it is compatible with your particular mobile phone and SIM card. Generally, it’s also a good idea to shop around to ensure that you are getting the best price.

Remember to protect your mobile device from viruses and other files that may erase your SIM card memory once you have recovered lost information. A virus could destroy your SIM card or wipe out information that is not easily recovered. If you have a web-enabled phone, be sure you install the proper firewalls and anti-virus software before you restore the memory. By doing so, you also avoid downloading any freeware or open source recovery programs that may contain viruses. You may be able to find SIM card memory recovery freeware online.


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