How do I Replace a Clutch?

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Replacing a clutch requires some tools and a basic procedure to follow. The old clutch must be removed and a new one installed. The steps necessary for a clutch replacement vary based on the type of vehicle. For instance, to replace a car clutch, a simpler process is used than to replace a truck clutch.

Before following the tips for how to replace a clutch, assemble a clutch kit. This includes a clutch disk, pressure plate, clutch alignment tool, screwdriver, metric wrench set and a jack. Before you replace your vehicle's clutch, you might want to raise it off the ground using the jack, which will give you more space to work.

To remove the current clutch, remove all exterior parts located near the clutch, including the floor shifter. Be sure to disconnect the exhaust pipe, as smoke or fumes could emit from here while working with the clutch if it is connected. Next, remove the interior parts under the hood. Be sure to get the starter, which is usually located near the transmission. Disconnect the drive shaft and hydraulic cylinder hose.

Now use the metric wrench set to take out the transmission. The bolts will need to be carefully undone with the wrench set before the transmission will come lose. Remove the pressure plate and old clutch disk, and inspect the clutch flywheel. If it is worn or damaged, it should also be replaced.


Replace a clutch once the old one is removed. Use the clutch alignment tool to install the new clutch disk and pressure plate. Replace the transmission by reconnecting all the bolts. Replace interior parts such as the starter, drive-shaft and hydraulic cylinder hose, and be sure they are reconnected properly. The exhaust pipe should now be connected, and the shifter should be reinstalled.

In a bigger vehicle such as a truck, the way to replace a clutch differs slightly. The drive-shaft at the transmission yoke should be removed first, followed by the shift tower. It’s important to drain transmission fluid from the device before removing the bolts. Now insert the clutch jack into the clutch spines and remove the clutch.

To replace a truck's clutch, place the clutch plates on the clutch in order by lining them up on the flywheel and bolting them to it. Remove the bolts to release the springs, and remove the jack from the clutch center. Now stab the clutch, and install a new clutch brake. To finish the process, reinstall the transmission and all other parts that were removed. After you replace a clutch, drive the vehicle at low speeds in a parking lot to test it.


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