How Do I Repair Computer Software?

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The best way to repair computer software typically depends on the program in question, as well as the way in which you wish to repair it. If a program on your computer has become corrupted or otherwise is not functioning properly, then you should see if the program disc or installation includes a repair utility that may fix your problem. You may also be able to download or install a secondary repair utility for some major programs, such as operating systems (OS). The cause of the problem itself may prevent you from being able to repair computer software on your system, and you should consider secondary causes such as malicious software and disc errors.

To repair computer software, you should usually begin by using any repair utility provided with the software. This can typically be found with the uninstall utility for the software program, though not all software developers provide such tools with installation. You may need to insert the installation disc for the software into your computer to access a repair utility on the disc itself. It is also possible that the software developer provides a repair utility online that you can download to help you repair computer software with an error or corruption.


There are also some programs provided by third-party software developers that you can download or install to help you repair computer software. These programs are often available for major or important computer systems used by many different users, such as the OS on your computer. If you are having an issue with such a major system, and any provided repair utilities are not fixing the issue, then you might consider a third-party program. These programs are designed to help you repair computer software by cleaning up unnecessary files, checking for common issues with such programs, and scanning your hard drive for disc errors.

Disc errors, and other outside causes, can create problems for your software that may not be fixed by running a repair utility or similar method. This is because the software itself may be fine, as the issues are being caused by a secondary source. Such disc errors may be found by repair programs and isolated from the rest of your data, allowing you to continue using the rest of the disc without further issues. There are also malicious software programs that can cause problems you cannot fix through other means. You should run an updated antivirus program or malware detector to help you find problems that might not have been fixed when you tried to repair computer software through a repair utility.


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Post 4

@hamje32 - Another way to fix computer software problems is to use a Windows restore point. You basically define a point where Windows remembers everything you’ve installed. Do this before installing new software. Then after you install the new software, if you start having problems, you can revert back to the restore point. It works like a charm, and it will help you know if the problem was with the new software or with something else.

Post 3

@NathanG - My PC repair technique involves running a registry cleaner through my system from time to time, especially when I have a slow computer and notice that some of my programs are not operating as usual. This usually solves some problems and makes a big difference in my computer speed.

Post 2

@MrMoody - Yes, the last thing you want to do is reinstall your operating system if at all possible. You can use the professional computer repair software that comes with Windows to trace the problem. You can also download some troubleshooting utilities from Microsoft’s website.

These programs operate in a wizard-driven fashion. They will ask you questions and try to fix the problem. If you believe after all of your attempts that the problem is still with the operating system, go ahead and reinstall it. Just remember that this is the last resort. It’s the “nuclear” option.

Post 1

Computer troubleshooting usually involves a series of steps to determine where the problem is. In the case of repairing computer software, you want to know if it’s the software itself that is “broken” or if something else is interfering with it.

From my experience, the best solution has always been to uninstall the software and reinstall it again, as long as it’s not the operating system that needs fixing. This usually solves most problems.

The install disks for most programs do give you the option to repair the installation; however again from my experience, they are not adequate in fixing the software.

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