How do I Repair a Patio Screen?

Licia Morrow

Patio screen repair covers a multitude of topics and there are many areas of knowledge needed to assist in repairing screens. Additionally, screen doors are often accompanied by locks, latches, and other types of hardware which may also require repair or replacement. For both door and window patio screens, the screening material might be damaged or loose. This can be fixed with a few simple repair steps and save the cost of a new patio screen. First, it is necessary to assess the damage of the screen.

A utility knife is used to remove extra screening after a screen door spline is replaced.
A utility knife is used to remove extra screening after a screen door spline is replaced.

If the patio screen is simply loose, one can replace it with the black rubber, called the spline, that holds it in the frame. Remove the spline, replace the screen material into its original position and replace the spline using either a flat head screwdriver or spline roller, which can be purchased at most hardware stores.

A flat head screwdriver may be used to repair a patio screen.
A flat head screwdriver may be used to repair a patio screen.

If the screening itself is damaged, it is possible to buy small patch repair kits. However, if it looks like the damage will cause some major screen door repair, mesh screening material is sold in large rolls at most home improvement stores. One must first remove all old spline and screen. Then the new patio screen can be placed in and secured with the spline as described in the above screen door repair section. After the spline has been replaced, the extra screening can be cut away with a utility knife or razor blade.

For a sliding patio screen door, often the rollers upon which it slides are damaged. After removing the screen door from its track, the old rollers can be removed simply with a screwdriver. Old rollers should be taken to the hardware store, matched up, and replaced in the same way they were removed.

If a sliding patio screen door seems too short to fit the frame upon which it rolls, it can be extended using some handy screen door repair secrets. Most sliding screen doors can be extended by as much as four centimeters by simply readjusting the top and bottom rails of the door, which are attached with screws in one-inch (2.5 cm) slots. One can simply locate the slots at the top and bottom of the door, loosen the screws, slide the slots along the screws, and retighten.

Another important element of screen door repair is the damage to locks and latches. Most manufacturers have individual screen door latches available for purchase on the internet. Additionally, an old or damaged latch can be removed with a screwdriver and taken to a hardware store to match and replace.

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If you have a pool enclosed in your lani, how can you replace the top most screens above the pool? Thank you.


If you have replaced the rollers on your patio screen door and still have a bit of a gap at the top, where bugs can get into your house, I would recommend using the adjustment screws to raise the screen door from the track a bit.

There are two screws at the bottom of the screen door and if you turn them in the screen door will rise a bit. This may be enough to fix the problem.

If this doesn't work, the door may be warped and need replacing. Sometimes the frame itself will get bent, which can be caused by someone pushing into it too hard or something like a pet running into it.


If you are trying to repair a patio screen door make sure you simplify things by picking up the repair kit made for this job at your home hardware store.

It comes with all the tools you'll need to fix your screen and you can have a set put together that will suit your screen door size. Be aware that screen doors come in hundreds of sizes, and that you're local store will not stock all of the available kinds.

A kit is handy because you can take your measurements in and get the amount of material you'll need for the job.

You can also order these kits online if you want to save more money.

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