How Do I Rent a Tuba?

Lainie Petersen

To rent a tuba, you will need to find a musical instrument rental store in your area that stocks tubas. It is a good idea to evaluate the reputation of the instrument rental company and to try out its offerings before entering a rental agreement. You typically will need to pay a weekly or monthly fee to rent a tuba, and you might have to put down a deposit at the beginning of your rental contract. Always evaluate rental agreements carefully, and be sure to ask about maintenance fees as well as possible rent-to-own options.

Renting a tuba makes sense for someone who is beginning to learn how to play the instrument.
Renting a tuba makes sense for someone who is beginning to learn how to play the instrument.

For someone who is beginning to learn how to play the tuba or needs a tuba because of participation in a band or orchestra but cannot afford to purchase the tuba, renting one makes sense. Another situation in which you might want to rent a tuba would be if you are unsure about becoming a tuba player and want to take some lessons before committing to purchasing an expensive instrument. Talk to an instructor and ask for advice about finding a reputable music rental store. If you get more than one strong referral, it might be in your best interest to contact both stores so that you can find the shop that offers the best tuba along with rental terms that you can afford.

As you begin your attempts to rent a tuba, ask an instructor about which type of tuba you should rent. Bring this information with you when you visit the rental company or companies that you are considering. If possible, look at various tubas to find the right one to rent.

Talk to the salespeople at the business from which you want to rent a tuba. Ask for a printed statement documenting all of the fees that you might be required to pay. You also should find out whether the company will perform routine maintenance on the tuba during the rental period and whether you can get a replacement if the tuba malfunctions or breaks. If you think that you might be interested in eventually purchasing the tuba, ask whether a rent-to-own agreement is possible or whether you can convert a standard rental agreement to rent-to-own at some point during the rental contract.

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