How Do I Rent a Compactor?

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Compactors are devices that help to settle and compact different types of materials, including concrete, asphalt and even earth. Many individuals as well as companies that require the use of this type of equipment for short-term use will choose to rent a compactor rather than going through the expenses associated with purchasing and maintaining the device. When considering the rental of any of the several types of compactors, it is important to decide which type will be best for the project at hand, the ease of operation, and the overall cost associated with the rental.

Essential to the process of planning how to rent a compactor is knowing which type of compactor is likely to provide superior results with a given project. Some designs work better with construction such as asphalt or concrete, while other compactors are designed to aid in settling earth prior to the beginning of construction at ground level. Before beginning the search, take some time and learn the differences between a plate compactor, a hand compactor, and the other types of options with this type of equipment. If there is any doubt about which type of compactor would be the best option, work with professionals who have experience with different compacting applications and make a choice based on their recommendations.


Along with settling on the right type of compactor to use for a particular project, consider how easily the equipment can be operated. Some designs are relatively easy to manage, requiring very little in the way of a learning curve to operate the devices efficiently. Larger compactors may be somewhat more involved when it comes to the operation, requiring the services of a professional. For people who have never used compactors in the past, choosing to rent a compactor that is designed for the type of task involved and is relatively simple in terms of the operation is often a good idea.

As with most types of business expenses, considering the cost is also important when attempting to rent a compactor. Take some time to compare rental pricing and terms with several different suppliers before making a final selection. Keep in mind that costs such as delivery costs and protection against injury to the equipment can have an impact on the actual rental price. For renters who can pick up the equipment and have insurance protection that includes the use of rental equipment at the job site, it may be possible to rent a compactor of the same quality for a lower rental price.


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