How Do I Remove Fake Antivirus Software?

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Fake antivirus software is a form of malicious software that is configured to pretend to find all sorts of infections on a computer hard drive when in fact the only malware present is the fake program itself. Programs of this type break through other types of antivirus protection and effectively render it impossible to use any functions on the hard drive, unless the user purchases the so-called protection. Fortunately, here are ways to remove the fake antivirus software without having to fall for this type of scam, and protect your system from that same fake program in the future.

The exact approach used to remove fake antivirus software will vary, depending on the configuration of that software. Since the program blocks the ability to access any antivirus or antispam programs already on the hard drive, the process often calls for using a different computer to do a little research. Basing a web search on the name of the fake software will often turn up clues on how to deal with the problem. In some cases, manufacturers of operating systems will already be aware of the existence of the pretend software and will have released a fix, making the task much easier.


Based on what you find about the fake virus protection, it may be necessary to download some software that is capable of eradicating the fake program from the infected system. Download from an unaffected laptop or desktop, and save the files on a jump or pen drive. Start up the infected system in safe mode, then install the solution software and follow the instructions. This method will often make it possible to remove fake antivirus software without causing any damage to other files on the infected system.

Another tip that can sometimes be used to remove fake antivirus software is to look online for a registration key. This is a key issued after the hapless user buys the false program, and is necessary to removing the blocks to key functions on the infected hard drive. Past victims sometimes post those registration numbers on forums and message boards where these malicious programs are discussed. Essentially, you are using the number to trick the fake program into thinking you’ve purchased it. Once you’ve done so, it is possible to remove fake antivirus software using other software applications designed to eliminate the program, including clearing the registry of any lingering traces of the fake software.

There are several ways for this fake antivirus protection to download before you know what is happening. It is often attached to executable files that are sent as attachments on emails, or begins to download in the background when a user visits a web site that has been hacked and infected. If you suddenly see a screen pop-up warning that your system is infected, do not click to close that screen as that will only make the situation worse. Kill your Internet connection immediately, shut down the infected computer, and use a different computer to find the solutions to remove fake antivirus software that are related to the particular malware now infecting your system.


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I would strongly recommend mbam to remove the fake antivirus software. It can remove all traces of the rogue application.

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