How do I Relieve Muscle Pain?

M. DePietro

Almost everyone will have some type of muscle pain at some point in their life. It may be caused by overstretching the muscle and slightly tearing the muscle fibers. It may also be caused from overuse. There are several ways to help relieve muscle aches when they do occur.

Topical ointments are often used to treat muscle pain.
Topical ointments are often used to treat muscle pain.

Apply ice to the sore muscle as soon as it starts hurting. The ice can help reduce swelling and inflammation and may reduce pain. Ice works best if it is applied within the first twenty-fours hours of the onset of the muscle ache. Don’t put the ice directly on the skin, but instead wrap an ice pack in a towel and place that on the muscle. Ice can be applied three or four times a day, for ten to 20 minutes at a time.

An ice pack can help with muscle pain.
An ice pack can help with muscle pain.

Heat may also help relieve pain. Take a warm bath or apply a heating pad. The heat can help increase blood flow to the painful muscle. If pain is caused by a muscle spasm, heat may help relax the muscle and can reduce pain. Apply heat for about 20 minutes at a time, a few times a day.

Lavender is thought to promote relaxation and may help with muscle pain.
Lavender is thought to promote relaxation and may help with muscle pain.

Depending on the cause of the painful muscle massage may help. Massage can increase circulation and reduce tension in the muscle. There are various types of massages which may help, including deep tissue and massage with essential oils. Lavender and chamomile essential oils are thought to reduce pain. Lavender may promote relaxation, which can reduce muscle spasms and chamomile may help reduce inflammation.

Anti-inflammatory medications are used to relieve muscle pain.
Anti-inflammatory medications are used to relieve muscle pain.

If natural methods of muscle pain relief don’t work, medication may help. The type of medication needed may depend on the cause of the muscle ache. For example, anti-inflammatory medications may work best on pain caused from overuse. Muscle relaxants are another option and work best for pain caused by muscle spasms. Topical ointments to relieve muscle soreness are also available.

A massage can reduce muscle pain.
A massage can reduce muscle pain.

Muscle pain often goes away after a few days to a week. However, there are times the pain may last longer. It may be necessary to see a doctor if pain persists for more than a week and either becomes worse or limits mobility to a large extent.

Chamomile tea can encourage muscle relaxation and inflammation.
Chamomile tea can encourage muscle relaxation and inflammation.

Although every muscle pain can’t be prevented, there are a few things which may reduce the frequency of pain. Always warm up prior to exercise and increase intensity gradually. Stretch muscles slowly after a workout. Drink plenty of water to prevent spasms from dehydration.

A heating pad can help soothe muscle pain.
A heating pad can help soothe muscle pain.
A warm bath can help relieve muscle pain.
A warm bath can help relieve muscle pain.

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Discussion Comments


I have very sharp muscle pains that just grab me at any time and I do not know why.


My left arm is in pain. It is the back and front muscle.


I have a continuous pain in the toes of both feet. Can you all please suggest to me some options for pain relief?


Moldova- You know that is true. I sometimes get hip or side muscle pain when I run. I guess I have to watch my posture.

I wanted to add that for me the most nagging pain of all is neck muscle pain. Sometimes it happens because of the way I sleep. But it is so uncomfortable and it usually lasts the whole day and I never know what to do.

It really puts me in a bad mood. A friend of mine suggested a neck massager and a neck roll pillow. I will have to try that because I hate neck pain. It does not allow me to focus on anything else. It is really a nuisance.


Cupcake15- I knew someone that had fibromyalgia and they were really uncomfortable, she also had Lupus as well.

I just want to say that lower back muscle pain or hip muscle pain occurs frequently with runners that use improper posture when running and have worn out sneakers that no longer provide sufficient support.

A way to cure this muscle pain is to use sneakers that are specifically designed for running. These sneakers offer additional shock absorption and also allow the body to form proper posture.

Also, strengthening the abdominal muscles supports the lower back and helps to also provide proper posture. The use of muscle rub can ease the pain, but after the pain subsides, sit ups or exercises designed to tighten up the abdominal muscles should help in the future.

Sometimes losing weight also eases the lower back pain because the stomach becomes smaller and puts less strain on the lower back.


SauteePan- Sometimes a chronic combination of muscle and joint pain might be fibromyalgia. This autoimmune disease attacks the joint and muscles and causes a total body pain that does not subside.

This condition requires medical treatment in order to ease the symptoms of muscle pain. It is also associated with chronic fatigue and according to the Mayo clinic about 2% of people experiences this condition are women and are more likely to get this condition.

In addition, they state that the likelihood of receiving this disease increases with age and other diseases such as Lupus, Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis, and Chronic Fatigue are also linked to this disorder.


Muscle pain symptom is really a throbbing feeling on a muscle that creates chronic or intermittent pain. Muscle pain treatment can vary.

Applying muscle rub that is found in many drug stores helps to relieve pain especially if the injuries are sports related.

The heat that is felt after application numbs the pain temporarily. It is also a good idea to rest the muscles to give them an opportunity to heal.

If the pain is significant, you can also take pain relief pills like Tylenol, but if the pain persists after a few days it is best to seek medical attention.

For severe muscle injuries and strains, doctors can prescribe cortisone injections or forms of physical therapy that might help the function of the muscle and get you back on your feet.

It is best to get a muscle pain diagnosis from a doctor so you can know how to treat muscle pain.

These are some ways to cure muscle pain.

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