How do I Relieve Itching Hands?

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Itching hands is a condition that can be caused by many different factors. In many cases, the origin of the itchy palms is not serious and can be treated with relative ease. However, the presence of itchy hands can also be an indication of something more serious. Here are some strategies to find out the reason for the itching skin and what you can do about it.

Many people experience a hand itch simply because the skin on their hands is dry. The dryness may be due to something like constant contact with a particular brand of soap or washing dishes without using protective gloves. If this the case, treating itchy hands requires nothing more than changing the brand of soap you use or buying a good quality pair of plastic gloves to wear when doing the dishes.

There is also a good chance that the itching is due to the laundry detergent you use. If you notice itchy arms and legs along with itching hands, it is possible you have developed an allergy to some ingredient in the detergent. Try changing to a detergent that uses fewer additives and see if the itching begins to fade.


The presence of a skin rash accompanied by hand itch could mean you have come in contact with some type of flora or fauna that triggered an allergic reaction. There is also the possibility you are experiencing an outbreak of a skin condition such as dermatitis or eczema. With these situations, it is good idea to visit a dermatologist and identify the exact cause for your discomfort. Depending on the origin of your itching hands, there is a good chance that a medicated cream of some type will clear up the condition in a short period of time.

When itching hands develop along with itching feet, legs, and arms, but no type of rash or irritation is present, there is definitely the possibility that something internal is the origin. Your doctor can order a blood test to determine if you are lacking something important in your diet that may be causing the discomfort. There is the possibility that the problem is iron deficiency anemia, which can be treated effectively in a very short period of time.

Unfortunately, the underlying cause for itching hands as well as itching arms and feet may be an indicator of something more complex. The itching sensation may be a sign of the onset of diabetes, or possibly hyperthyroidism. Itchy feet and hands can also be indicative of a liver disorder of some type, as well as a problem with the kidneys. If prescription creams do not seem to help and the bloodwork does not indicate anemia, it is a good idea to discuss these possibilities with your doctor. When caught in the early stages, these conditions can either be managed (as is the case with diabetes) or treated effectively with antibiotics or other medication.

While everyone experiences a random itch on the hands from time to time, a recurring problem with itching hands is reason enough to look into the situation further. When changing detergents or taking steps to protect your hands from drying out do not seem to yield any results, make an appointment with your doctor immediately. With proper medical care, you can be free of the itching in a very short period of time.


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Post 3

I suffer from frequent itching on my arms and feet. I have consulted many doctors and got positive results on each and every test but have found no cure for the problem. Can anyone tell me the perfect medicine for this please?

Post 2

Cafe41-Sometimes itchy skin bumps is a sign of an allergy. My daughter is allergic to grass and when she touches it, she starts to get a rash on her legs and a rash on her neck.

I usually give her Zyrtec and it goes away immediately. The only problem is that this drug causes drowsiness, so is it best to give at night when the child goes to sleep.

Post 1

If you have eczema hands it is best to use medicated moisturizer daily, sometimes several times a day.

You can also apply moisturizer on your hands at night and use clear gloves overnight. The next morning, your hands will be significantly softer.

If this doesn't work then you should see your dermatologist who can provide medication for red itchy skin.

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