How do I Relieve Hangover Nausea?

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While the only thing that can prevent hangover nausea is refraining from drinking alcohol, there are certain things a person can do to relieve symptoms. Treatment may include keeping hydrated, taking antacids and ibuprofen, eating certain types of food, and getting rest. Medically known as vasalgia, a hangover is brought about by the swelling and dilating of blood vessels and is often characterized by nausea. Other symptoms often may include headaches, sluggishness, diarrhea, and sensitivity to light and sound.

Consuming alcohol dehydrates a person’s body. Drinking water or beverages with electrolytes, such as sports drinks, when experiencing hangover nausea helps to keep an individual hydrated. In addition, it naturally helps to flush toxins from the body, which helps a person to feel better. When consuming alcohol, a person may reduce the intensity of a hangover by drinking water in between alcoholic beverages.

While coffee does not help with hydration, it can help enhance the effect of pain medications. Also found in tea and soda, caffeine is a vasoconstrictor and can help relieve a headache. Caffeine narrows the size of blood vessels and offsets the effects of alcohol, which makes blood vessels swell. Drinking fruit juices, which are high in vitamins and nutrients, may also help with hangover nausea. The juices help to replace lost vitamins and nutrients after a night of drinking.


Taking certain medications may alleviate hangover nausea. Antacids or ibuprofen may help relieve stomach irritation or neutralize stomach acid. Aspirin or anti-inflammatory medication generally helps with headaches and other soreness attributed to overindulging in alcohol. Acetaminophen is often recommended to be avoided as during alcohol metabolism, acetaminophen negatively impacts the liver.

Certain foods can help with hangover nausea. If a person can tolerate it, greasy foods help to coat the lining of the intestine and absorb any leftover alcohol. Consuming eggs may also help, as they contain a substance called cysteine that aids in breaking down alcohol toxins while the liver is still recuperating. Eating bananas and other foods rich in potassium, such as kiwi may also help. These types of food help to replenish lost electrolytes and potassium from drinking.

Symptoms of a hangover may linger for up to 24 hours. An effective way to treat a hangover is through rest and relaxation. Alcohol affects chemicals in the brain called neurotransmitters, preventing a person from getting a good night's sleep. In time, the body will recover and the effects of alcohol will subside completely.


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Post 4

As far is I know, ibuprofen is the last thing you should take if you experience nausea and/or stomach irritation as it is hard quite hard on the stomach.

Post 3

I've noticed that if I have food along with alcohol or drink on a full stomach, stick to one type of drink and not go overboard with it, I don't have a hangover or nausea the next day.

If I don't eat enough and mix drinks, it's the worse and I vomit and am nauseated the day after.

The way I get rid of a hangover with nausea is having plenty of comforting foods and drinks. I agree that ginger helps a lot, so does mint. I try to keep ginger and mint teabags at home for that reason. For foods, I stick to bland starches- mainly potatoes, oatmeal, toast, crackers. Bananas, apples and apple sauce are really good and help with nausea too.

Post 2

I think nausea is one of they symptoms of dehydration which is usually the main problem with having too much alcohol. So how do you get rid of a hangover? Simple: rest and having plenty of fluids. The more fluids you have, the faster the alcohol will leave your body and the faster nausea and headaches will disappear.

I make it a point only to drink on weekends so if I do end up being hungover, I can stay home and rest it out. Of course, it's best never to get to that point and to know your limits when it comes to alcohol. Unfortunately, few of us do that.

The bad part is that since most of

us are used to being hungover, we might not realize it when we have alcohol poisoning. One thing I know for sure is that if the nausea and vomiting don't go away after a day, it's probably more serious and I need to go to the hospital. With rest and fluids, there is no reason why a hangover shouldn't resolve within a day.
Post 1

Coffee is also a really good hangover diarrhea remedy if your stomach can handle it. It also helps with headaches like the article said and helps you sober up more quickly. If my dad has too much while out with his friends, my mom will always make a cup of coffee for him to sober him up.

But it can be kind of hard to drink coffee when there is nausea. When I have nausea from a hangover, I prefer ginger ale. Ginger ale is great for the stomach and it also hydrates me if the nausea is preventing me from having water.

Eggs might be good to relieve hangover, but there is no way that I can have eggs while I'm nauseated. I can only have breakfast foods like a pancake with some butter or hash browns. They're much more soothing for the stomach I think.

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