How do I Relieve Earache Pain?

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The steps you take to relieve earache pain may depend on the severity of the pain and its underlying cause. Often, pain that is associated with an ear infection can be treated with over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers. You may also try applying warm compresses to the affected area or try using ear drops for pain relief. For earache pain that occurs because of pressure on the ear during travel, you may find that chewing gum helps. Sometimes chewing gum may also help relieve the painful pressure that accompanies an ear infection.

One of the most reliable ways to treat earache pain is with a pain reliever. Usually, an over-the-counter (OTC) pain medication is good for this purpose. You may decide to take ibuprofen, acetaminophen, aspirin, or another OTC pain medication to relieve the discomfort. Doctors usually recommend against the use of aspirin by people who are younger than 20 years of age, however. This is due to the fact that aspirin may contribute to the development of Reye's syndrome, which is a condition that affects the liver and brain.


While it may not get rid of earache pain entirely, a warm compress may help to lessen it. To use a warm compress, you may place a heating pad on your ear. Putting a thin cloth between the heating pad and your bare skin may help you avoid a burn if the pad gets too hot. A warm washcloth applied to the affected area may prove helpful as well.

Ear drops may also prove helpful for relieving earache pain. For example, some people suggest using olive oil ear drops for treating pain in the ear. You may also find relief by using pain-relieving ear drops a doctor recommends for you. If you opt to try a home remedy ear drop, such as olive oil, you may do well to seek your doctor’s approval first.

Sometimes, earache pain is exacerbated by uncomfortable pressure. You may find that chewing gum helps relieve the pressure. This is usually particularly helpful for treating pain and pressure caused by an infection or changes in altitude during travel.

Most health experts recommend seeking a doctor's evaluation for unexplained ear pain. Unfortunately, health complications may develop when an ear infection is left untreated for a significant length of time. In the absence of discovering an ear infection, a doctor may find that a foreign object in your ear is responsible for the pain.


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Post 2

My go-to solution for earache pain is a strong OTC painkiller like sodium naproxen and a warm compress to open up my Eustachian tubes. For whatever reason, I'm prone to get ear problems a lot, so I've tried most of the standard earache remedies. If my ears start feeling really stuffy, I will go to my doctor and get examined for a possible ear infection. I've learned that only antibiotics will address that kind of ear pain.

Post 1

I think the worst ear pain I ever experienced was when I had a severe middle and inner ear infection. I honestly thought I was going to remain deaf for the rest of my life, and the pain was unrelenting. My doctor offered me the choice of a strong antibiotic shot or a round of oral antibiotics. I chose the oral medication, and I ended up needing three complete rounds before I finally got some relief.

That day, my ear started crackling and popping internally, then I had one burst of extreme pain before I could hear again. I would recommend getting the more aggressive ear infection treatment with the antibiotic shot if you really want to ease your earache pain sooner.

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