How Do I Relieve an Itchy Rash?

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There are a few different methods you can use for relieving an itchy rash. For example, you could use an anti-itch cream to decrease your discomfort or take over-the-counter (OTC) allergy pills to stop the itchy symptoms. You could also try home remedies such as aloe vera gel or ground oatmeal to treat the symptoms. In the event that your at-home efforts don't help, however, it may be a good idea to see a doctor.

Anti-itch creams are common treatments for rashes. Some of the most effective may be those that contain ingredients known for relieving itchiness and irritation. For example, products that contain such ingredients as camphor and pramoxine may prove particularly good for relieving itchy rash symptoms. Creams and lotions that contain menthol and diphenhydramine, the active ingredient in many allergy pills, may also prove effective in topical creams and lotions.

You might also consider using medications that you take internally to relieve the discomfort you feel from an itchy rash. For example, you might benefit from taking OTC oral antihistamines that contain active ingredients such as diphenhydramine, loratadine, and cetirizine. Likewise, those that contain chlorpheniramine and similar medications can help as well. If they do not help, however, you may do well to see a doctor for a more potent prescription medication.


There are also some home remedies you might consider trying in the hopes of relieving an itchy rash. They include witch hazel or the gel from an aloe vera plant gently dabbed or wiped onto the area with a clean cloth or cotton ball. You may also find a paste made of baking soda and water helpful as well as cool baths with ground-up oatmeal added. While it may sound soothing to take a hot bath in efforts to help relieve the itch, it is usually best to avoid bathing or showering in hot water when you are already struggling with itching; the hot water serves to dry the skin out and may actually increase the uncomfortable, itchy symptoms.

Often, an itchy rash fades given time, without any treatment from a doctor. In some cases, however, a rash may last longer than seems normal. Sometimes, it may even grow worse instead of getting better. In such a case, a doctor's help may prove necessary. He may not only examine you and identify the type of rash you have, but also provide effective prescription treatment for it.


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Post 3

@ysmina-- There are many natural treatments for inflammation and itching. Aloe vera, like the article mentioned, is a great one.

You can also try honey. You can apply honey topically on rashes and also eat it to strengthen your immune system. There are also other products made by bees such as propolis or royal jelly that are know to support the immune system.

For an itchy, red rash, I think vitamin E cream is beneficial. Something else that helps with rashes that most of us have at home is baby nappy cream. It has zinc oxide which soothes skin.

Post 2

I have extremely sensitive skin and I tend to break out in a rash when I'm hot or sweaty. I have a heat rash almost daily in the summer if I go outside. But I can't constantly take allergy medications for it.

Are there any natural treatments for this?

Post 1

I developed an itchy rash on my legs yesterday. I have no idea how I got it but I couldn't sit still from the itching, my legs were all red and raised.

I went to the pharmacy and asked the pharmacists what I can do about it and she showed me a topical ointment with corticosteroid. It was available over-the-counter. I applied that on my legs and the itching slowly went away. The rash lasted for a few more hours but it wasn't bothering me as much anymore.

This corticosteroid ointment is very good.

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