How do I Regrow Eyelashes?

To regrow eyelashes lost due to mishaps or health problems, you may wish to try several steps. Measures to promote the regrowth of lashes can include the use of conditioning treatments formulated for cosmetic purposes. Many beauty supply stores carry these conditioning treatments. Vitamin A and vitamin B complex can strengthen lashes and help in the regrowth process. Consulting a cosmetologist can help you find a solution.

Eyelashes grow continuously, but sometimes become damaged due to illness or lost due to an accident. This loss does not have to be permanent. You can regrow eyelashes at a faster-than-normal rate if you follow some easy procedures. If one eyelash is removed, it will typically take a month or two for regrowth. You can stimulate the process, however, with synthetic stimulating products available on the market.

Another way to stimulate and regrow eyelashes from a natural standpoint is by applying a dab of petroleum jelly. The natural substance in the petroleum is known to strengthen lashes. Lubricating oils that contain vitamin E can also help to stimulate regrowth.

Many women wish for long eyelashes, but some fail to recognize that eyelashes are the slowest-growing hairs on a human body. Another treatment people have used to regrow eyelashes is the application of olive oil. Although the use of oils can tend to be messy, the best method is to apply a thin coating before bedtime, and then thoroughly remove the oil with make-up remover or plain water in the morning. Always remember to gently wash the eye area the next day.

When searching for ways to regrow eyelashes, always remember to remove your eye make-up before going to bed at night. This is an important step for the hygiene and general health of eyelashes. Pay special attention to removing any trace of mascara, which can break the eyelashes.

If you've seen the TV commercials for a specific product now approved for public use, you may be wondering if this could be a solution. While such a product may promote regrowth of eyelashes, you will need to have your physician write you a prescription. Understand that the use of such products does come with warnings. Side effects such as burning and stinging, and even issues with vision can occur. If you can tolerate any unpleasant side effects, a consultation with your doctor might lead you in the right direction for obtaining a prescription remedy.

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Yes, it is scary to see that every day you lose eyelashes. I started to use a growth serum based on peptides and vitamins. It seems good, I get new lashes and they start growing. Rush O Lash is the name and I bought it on Amazon.

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@fBoyle-- Some eyelash regrowth serums really do work, go for a high end product. I personally use almond oil to nourish my eyelashes. It truly helps them grow.

Post 2

@fBoyle-- If your eyelashes started falling out suddenly, there must be an underlying cause. It could be an eyelash infection, an allergic reaction or a nutrient deficiency.

I recommend vitamin E and biotin supplements in addition to what you're taking. I also recommend cleaning your eyelashes with hot water and a drop of baby shampoo. Boil some water and put a drop or two of baby shampoo in it. Then, dip a cotton ball in the water and when it has slightly cooled down, close your eyes and wipe the roots of your eye lashes. Repeat this step several times for each eye. Do this every day and if there is an infection, this should help clear it up.

I also recommend throwing away old makeup. If you also have watery, itchy eyes, you might be having an allergic reaction to an eye makeup product.

I think after these steps, your eyelashes will stop falling out and slowly they will grow back. You can repeat the eyelash cleaning method once a week for maintenance after that.

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I've been losing a lot of eyelashes lately. I wake up and find three or four fallen lashes under each eye. I'm afraid that I'm going to be left without eyelashes pretty soon.

I'm already taking a multivitamin and I always remove makeup at night. I want to buy an eyelash growth serum but it costs a lot and I don't know if it's going to work.

Has anyone tried an eyelash growth serum?

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