How do I Register for the LSAT&Reg;?

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To register for the Law School Admission Test® (LSAT®) you typically begin by contacting the company that administers the LSAT® in your area. You can often register for the LSAT® online, and using the official website for the LSAT® will allow you to view testing locations and times in your area. It is best to register as early as possible, and you should expect to take the LSAT® on a Saturday. If you need to register for the LSAT® on a day other than Saturday, then you may be able to do so under certain exceptions.

The LSAT® is a lengthy standardized test that many law schools in the US and Canada require students take prior to admission. To register for the LSAT® you should contact the Law School Admission Council® (LSAC®) that develops and administers the test for information on testing centers in your area. In general, however, there are typically a number of centers in many different cities, so you should be able to register for the LSAT® at a location that is relatively convenient for you. There are a number of fees you must pay to take the LSAT®, and additional fees for late registration or test location changes may be applied as well.


You need to register for the LSAT® well before the test is administered, and walk-in testers wishing to register for a test on the day it is administered are not allowed. There are typically three or four testing dates available each year, often with a test administered in February, June, October, and December. You usually need to register for the LSAT® at least a month prior to the actual date of the test, and early registration is advisable to ensure you are given a seat at the testing center you prefer. A full list of testing dates and locations is available from LSAC®, and you can contact it for further information and registration details.

While the test is frequently offered on a Saturday, you may be able to register for the LSAT® on a different day for religious reasons, though this is only allowed under certain circumstances. This is typically offered to people of the Jewish faith who may not be able to attend a test on Saturday in observance of their Sabbath. A letter from a rabbi is typically required to register for the LSAT® under this exception.


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