How do I Reduce the Appearance of Neck Wrinkles?

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Many people assume that neck wrinkles are an inevitable fact of life. While it is true that the potential for wrinkles increases with age, there are a number of ways to help reduce the prominence of the wrinkles and help the neck retain a more youthful appearance. Strategies to deal with wrinkles range from simple lifestyle changes to undergoing surgery.

One important way to keep wrinkles on the neck in check is with the use of diet and exercise. Along with eating properly and engaging in activities that work the various muscles groups around the body, including neck exercises in your daily routine will help to minimize wrinkles in not only the neck, but also the upper portion of the chest. Exercise helps to increase circulation and keep the flow of oxygen to the tissues constant. This in turn helps to flush away toxins that tend to deplete collagen in the skin. There are several simple neck exercises that can be done in just about any setting.


Along with exercise, developing good skin care practices will also help to minimize the appearance of neck wrinkles. Using wrinkle creams that help to hydrate the skin and replace some of the collagen that is lost over time will help to keep the neck looking healthy. At the same time, the healthy skin will be less susceptible to sagging, which is one of the reasons why wrinkles appear. A good quality over-the-counter wrinkle cream that is used for face wrinkles will work equally well on the neck.

Another effective approach to wrinkle treatment involves changing some personal habits. Many people tend to look down when reading a book, watching television, or sitting in front of a computer screen. The result is that creases in the skin of the neck are created over time. Adjusting your line of vision so you are looking straight ahead rather than down will go a long way toward preventing the formation of creases. Make sure the television and computer screens are raised to eye level, and use a bookstand to position the book so your chin is up rather than pointed downward.

Even something as simple as getting rid of a couple of bed pillows can help reduce neck wrinkles. Too many pillows under the head while sleeping accomplishes the same creasing that occurs when looking downward at a computer or television screen. By using a single pillow that provides support for the neck but does not life the head upward will not only help minimize wrinkles, but will also lower the potential for neck and back pain.

There is always the option of treating neck wrinkles with plastic surgery, so keep in mind that the process will have to be repeated after several years. As with any type of surgery, there is also the risk of infection and other complications. Try other methods first; you may find that they will minimize your wrinkles sufficiently and will cost a great deal less over the long run.


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Post 3

I think that there is a lot to be said about aging gracefully, and accepting your wrinkles as they come. In the grand scheme of things, neck wrinkles are not serious or that important.

Post 2

I have been doing neck exercises for several years, and I have noticed that the skin on my neck is firm and free of wrinkles. I think the article makes a very good point by emphasizing the importance of neck exercises to keep neck wrinkles at bay.

Post 1

People who are young should think about the future and how much they do not want to develop neck wrinkles. This will encourage them to take certain precautions that will help to prevent them as they begin to age.

Using sunscreen, maintaining a healthy weight, and staying active will all help decrease the chances of neck wrinkles from developing.

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